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Call of Duty: team commitment to improve games confirmed

Last January, the official blog of Call of Duty had shared an important update for the community. In this update The problems recorded by Vanguard, Warzone Pacific and Modern Warfare were confirmed and the choice of postpone the start of Warzone Pacific and Vanguard Season 2.

Call of Duty: With the new patches improves the gaming experience in Vanguard, Warzone Pacific and Modern Warfare

This choice was linked to the need for further gameplay and game balance optimization (with particular reference to the balance of weapons and equipment). The new implementations to the game have been made following the directions of the community.

The additional time was used by the developers of the CoD titles to secure important steps forward to the experience guaranteed by the individual games. The updates have arrived on all game platforms, ensuring a generalized improvement of the experience for Vanguard, Warzone Pacific and Modern Warfare.

The extra time was needed to complete the new patches

The choice of postponing the start of Season 2 of the titles from February 2 to February 14 offered the opportunity to introduce very articulated patches able to greatly improve the gaming experience by offering stability and balance. To learn more about the issue and find out the new features introduced by the last update, you can consult the Call of Duty blog. In the future, moreover, will come more updates designed to further optimize the performance of games.

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