Call of Duty: the Infestation has arrived, here is the launch trailer of the video game

Call of Duty: l'Infestazione è arrivata, ecco il trailer di lancio del videogioco thumbnail

Infestation of Call of Duty will be active from October 17 in Call of Duty Warzone e Modern Warfare 2. The Hellmouth is wide open, otherworldly creatures invade the world, and a creeping terror prowls for souls, infecting Al Mazrah and hovering over the blood-red canals of Vondel. Get ready to face the “Operation Nightmare” to repel this horrifying threat. The trailer is available below.

Call of Duty: here is the trailer for the Infestation

From October 17th, Infestation will be available in the shooter game par excellence. The invocation has finally begun.

Modern Warfare III beta available

You can play the Shooter beta which is divided into two different weekends, with additional maps and game modes planned during the Beta. The multiplayer maps are instantly familiar to anyone who has played COD: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), featuring the latest technical advances and modern movement mechanics for a completely new experience.

Call of Duty NEXTa first look at what’s new

It took place the event which showcased a wide range of upcoming content in different modes and titles. Starting from MWIII, we were able to take a first in-depth look at Multiplayer e Zombies, followed by major announcements for COD: Warzone and COD: Warzone Mobile. A nice way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the shooter video game.

Urzikstan, the next new map

During NEXT it was also presented Urzikstan, the next map of the video game and an important region in the narrative of COD: Modern Warfare. Arriving in December as part of Season 01, this metropolis on the eastern edge of the Black Sea features 11 distinct and memorable points of interest.

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