Call of Duty Warzone: officially revealed the new Caldera map

To a great surprise, Activision has officially revealed the beautiful new Caldera map of Call of Duty Warzone

After a series of details revealed by Activision in recent months on the new map, Caldera is finally ready to officially make its appearance on Call of Duty Warzone. A map image confirms that Warzone’s Caldera era kicks off with “Operation Vulcan,” which is set in December 1944, while a new trailer offers a guided tour of the Pacific island. The scale map includes the names of 15 key areas where players can land and the locations of numerous points of interest.

Warzone’s new Caldera map shows itself in all its glory

Warzone’s new Caldera map then features 15 main areas which are Arsenal, Pier, Runway, Ruins, Mines, Summit, Bridgehead, Village, Lagoon, Airfield, Fields, Secondary Pen, Power Station, Capital and Resort. Replacing the original game map Verdansk, Caldera will launch as part of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 1. The release of Caldera was recently postponed for a week to December 8th.

Prior to the release of Caldera, a Call of Duty Vanguard player discovered what appears to be a low-poly version of Caldera thanks to a spectator camera bug. As they played on the map Shipment recently launched by Vanguard, they used the viewer’s camera to leave the confines of the battlefield and float through what appears to be Warzone’s new location. While noting Warzone’s continued great success, Activison doesn’t seem to be doing very well since perhaps he intends to end the scheduled annual releases of the single-player chapters.

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