Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific – Here are the 20 best landing spots

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Warzone Pacific is finally available – here’s our guide to the best landing spots on Caldera, the new map.

The 20 best landing spots on Warzone Pacific

Warzone Pacific is finally available, and with it a dozen new weapons, numerous updates and an island full of new content as part of the first season of Call of Duty: Vanguard. Among these is also the new map of Warzone Pacific: Caldera. And it is on this map that we will focus on recommending the best landing spots in Warzone Pacific. But no more chatter and let’s start now!

1. Airfield The main track

Especially in Vanguard Royale, the airfield runway in the southwestern Caldera region could become one of the best landing spots in any Warzone game.

This area, which includes the main hangar, is a great starting point for those looking to fly planes. If all the planes are caught before the players land, head to the barracks, camps and auxiliary buildings. These locations can be great for stocking up on items.

Structures can be a great starting point for building a bridgehead. Just avoid the open field and move around the perimeter as you search the area for enemy teams before moving on to another region.

2. Airfield and power plant – Military camp

Not only are there tents and other structures to build the bridgehead, but there is also an anti-aircraft gun. The latter, with a skilled Operator to maneuver him, can destroy an enemy formation with ease. Get ready to intercept the pilot seeking revenge if their plane is shot down and collect rewards earned for surviving the skirmish at the airfield.

Outside of Vanguard Royale, this course can be a good place to start given its proximity to potentially busier areas. Start looking for supply points, then scour the area before building up enough firepower to thwart threats from the Airfield tower or downtown area.

3. Capital Town center

One of the best landing spots in Warzone for those who want to make use of close combat tactics. Just make small movements to hide behind covers and focus on collecting SMG shotguns to move safely between buildings. Its town hall and library will immediately be manned. Head south and you will find many buildings that can hold contracts or other supply items for you to pick up after landing.

While the city center has several multi-storey buildings, such as the Hall and Library, that can be used as a lookout position, none are tall enough for a lone sniper to dominate the area. However, they can be great points to pick teams or take a few minutes to get information about the surrounding area before the next fight.

4. Capital – The marina and the beach

Scenario: The map shrinks and as your team exits the plane, a dozen other players sprint to reach the outskirts of the capital.

If this happens, your team can head to the docks and streets south of the capital. From the Royal Theater, the restaurants and houses near the radio station within the power plant region, you’ll find initial landing spots to grab some first-time guns and potentially a contract or two.

During the later stages of a game, the capital can be the scene of crucial fighting. Those who want to avoid them, or have a better view, can head to the docks and consider embarking on a risky journey leading to the Resort beach. These natural features offer more coverage than those on the roads or suburbs, but you risk running into an enemy team from lower terrain.

5. Resort The Cabanas

Among the best landing spots in the southern Caldera is the luxurious Royal Cabana Resort. Known for its well-equipped rooms and the clock tower.

If teams rush to check in immediately after the fall, or if you decide to stay on the upper floors and the clock tower, heading straight to the hotel may not be the most effective tactic. Instead, explore the three clusters of Cabanas near the Resort – two to the south, one to the north – to find potential supply points.

Alternatively, these Cabanas can be a great cover to fight against those at the Resort, or they can offer a safe escape route to the capital and other points of interest to the east. Most likely, the map shrinkage could eventually force those in the resort to look for a safer spot, and when that happens, having a clustering location close to the capital can lead to a victorious fight.

6. The fields – Southern Runway e Capital Overlook

Given its vastness and the presence of natural hills above the buildings, the fields will initially seem like an unknown territory to veteran Warzone players.

There are two points of interest that are excellent starting points.

The first is another point of counterattack towards those who come from the capital: the buildings atop the cliffs overlooking the city.

In Vanguard Royale, this area can be a major advantage due to the presence of a small runway that usually has a plane ready for take-off. There is also an anti-aircraft gun, to hit those who fly directly from the airport to the capital.

7. The fields North Farmhouse

Another starting point is a farm located near the northern border of the field. It serves as a checkpoint on the way up to Caldera’s Peak and sits on mountainous terrain overlooking fields.

In addition to searching for supplies across the farm, teams will be able to explore major fields with a long-range weapon. Even if the collapse does not include the southernmost tip of the island, the extension of the fields can cause a team to disperse. From here, a team can continue their exploration to the mines or large lake just outside a small village near the Shark Pen submarine base.

8. Phosphate Mines

In addition to building density, another factor when considering a landing spot is the ability to move to other areas of the map. This makes the Phosphate Mines, one of the most central areas in the Caldera, a great option for a landing spot.

Those who have enjoyed the Karst River Salt Mines in Verdansk will feel at home, especially when moving through the main building.

Unlike the Verdansk mine, the Caldera phosphate mine guarantees the ability to move to other areas. Among these are the Arsenal, the Docks, the Village, the Ruins, the Peak, the Airport and the Campi, where there will be the safe area.

9. Crater del Picco and other natural spaces

Despite the depth of the phosphate mines, the Caldera peak covers the release location.

The Peak crater has three small buildings and many other points to find Loadouts or contracts. Its intricate tunnel system can hold supplies, Loadouts and contracts for you to grab, making it a great place for melee combat teams to stock up and fight enemies early in a match.

For a team, parachuting down from the dormant volcano shouldn’t be a problem – it’s an extremely quick way to get around the map. As long as you can correct course if a team starts taking hits, jumping off the Peak could be the key to a kill-heavy victory.

10. Peak Gondola Station

Whether the team wants to get out of the crater or want to travel along the peak in the northern Caldera areas, Gondola Stations are great landing spots in Warzone for picking up Loadout.

At the start of a Battle Royale, the Gondola Station may have enough supplies, Loadout items, and contracts to take the lead. It also has great views of the Runway and Beachhead areas should you find a sniper rifle. There are also some paths that lead to the caves, where it is possible to catch those who have headed to the Crater by surprise.

If the action is too hectic for the team, they can escape to the station and to Runway and Beachhead points, or head to the other Gondola Station near a huge crater.

The Gondola Station at the base of the Peak is a place to park during a game, as it offers good coverage above and below the Peak as well as containing some Loadout items or a contract.

11. Clue

While it’s not as large as the airfield, the runway has a decent amount of aircraft in Vanguard Royale, and serves as one of the best landing spots in Warzone for teams wanting to play at a slower pace.

In addition to taking a plane, if available, the Main Runway Hangar can hold a Supply Box (or two) along with some Loadout items to start the game.

From here, take a short hike to Coastal Jungle Village for more items, or sneak into the command center located inland by climbing the hill or climbing a cliff. Either way, these are key viable points for getting around the Beachhead or Caldera Docks areas, but they can attract the attention of teams trying to conquer the northern section of the island.

Towards the end of the game, if reducing the map makes the track a safe zone, it might be worth going back over the highway and over the cliff that juts out from the island’s eastern shores. From here, it can be easy to hit teams from the interior of the island or it can be a good point against those coming from the bridgehead.

12. Bridgehead the trenches

If teams are preparing to take control of the runway, direct your team to the Trenches located on Caldera West Beach.

In Vanguard Royale, this is where several anti-aircraft guns can be used to decimate an entire squadron in the skies, or intercept any squadron of aircraft coming from …