Calzedonia Group has decided to focus on AI technology

Calzedonia Group ha deciso di puntare sull'AI technology thumbnail

Calzedonia Groupwho believes in one increasingly cookieless scenariohas long understood the importance of insert in their own media buying strategies customized algorithmsdeveloped thanks to the most modern artificial intelligence technologies.

Calzedonia Group and artificial intelligence for a cookieless scenario

According to a recent research by the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic, the the Italian Artificial Intelligence market in 2022 recorded over 500 million in revenues(+32% on the previous year) demonstrating how it is now essential to be able to count on this type of tool, as a lever capable of facilitating the achievement of precise KPIs while respecting consumer privacy.

In this sense, already a starting in 2021the Group has decided to rely on skills Of Dentsu e Scibidsleading technology player in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions to increase the ROI of digital marketing and partner of IAB Italia, by signing a collaboration which involved the 4 most iconic brands of the Italian holding: Calzedonia, very intimate, Tezenis e Falconers.

The word to Michele Marzan, Italy Country Director of Scibids

“In the last 12 months, more than 6 out of 10 large companies have launched at least one AI project, but in the majority of cases only touching the great potential of this sector superficially. Calzedonia Group, on the other hand, represents a virtuous example in Italyhaving already chosen for several years to put AI technology tools are the center of its strategy devoted to the personalization of media buying and the automation of optimization – he says Michele Marzan, Country Director Italia Of Scibids – We are naturally proud that one of the largest holding companies in the world has decided to sposare la nostra vision ‘BYOA – bring your own algorithm’ and, after a synergistic work in 2022 full of satisfactions, we are preparing for an even more important 2023”

The partnership, in fact, in the year just ended saw oltre 70.000 custom algorithms developed for the Calzedonia Group, also integrating data from the dentsu team, with an average of over 20 active campaigns every month.

Scibidsmoreover, thanks to its own proprietary technology it allowed the dentsu team to save between 4 and 5 hours per day in carrying out the optimization and control processes on the campaigns active on the platform, thus allowing the customer team to devote itself to value-added activities.

The word to Leonardo Casini, Chief Digital Officer of the dentsu group

Comment like this Leonardo Casini, Chief Digital Officer of the group Dentsu: “Companies operate in a context of growing concentration and intermediation – few global players increasingly able in recent years to present themselves as indispensable on the entire supply chain: analysis, targeting, purchase and measurement – ​​with also inevitable potential conflicts of interest. As dentsu, we believe that each company must regain its relationship with consumers, not only by building and feeding proprietary data assets, but at the same time by investing to develop customized algorithms to better manage their value, guaranteeing a competitive advantage. This is the path we are following together with the Calzedonia Group – one of the most innovative – as well as with our other customers, and Scibids is one of the partners who has guaranteed us the greatest success”.