Davvero non si potrà più bloccare le persone su X (Twitter)? thumbnail

Can you really no longer block people on X (Twitter)?

Elon Muskthe owner of X (better known as Twitter), has raised a hornet’s nest of discussions by announcing that the function of block for users she would be taken down from the social media platform. The news, which came in response to a question posed by a user on Twitter, sparked a heated debate. Also because some users point out that, by removing the button to block annoying users, X would violate the Google and Apple app policies.

Musk wants to lift the block on users on X (Twitter). But can he do it?

In response to a dedicated Tesla Twitter account wondering if it was more sensible to block someone than to mute themElon Musk stated that the lock function” will be removed“. He specified that this feature would only remain in a form that would allow people to prevent others from sending them direct messages.

Musk ha added that it “doesn’t make sense”. But many disagree. In fact, some Twitter users have expressed concern about the ability to deal with harassment, spam, and abusive behavior. Others have concorcato that it is enough to put users in “mute”.

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The reactions also highlighted the fact that the removing the lock button may conflict with the policies of distribution platforms, such as Apple and Google, that require apps to have blocking features for users. Without this capability, Twitter could jeopardize its presence in mobile stores.

Despite initial negative reactions, some Twitter employees have tried to allay the community’s concerns. A Twitter employee has suggested that the platform might strengthen button to mute users and allow people to transfer their block list to mute list.

However, it remains to be seen how Twitter will address this complex situation. Many point out that getting rid of the block function completely could have serious implications, including possible security risks and general user experience. We’ll see how the company takes this proposal from Musk forward (and if it does).



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