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Candy: new logo, new products. The news at Design Week

From the top of the Libeskind Tower, in the setting of Milano Design Week ed Eurocucina – FTK 2024the historic Italian brand Candy announced its transformation: a new, revamped logo and smart, accessible product lines.

Candy: new identity and innovative products at Milan Design Week

Founded in 1945, Candy is an Italian brand, or rather from Brianza: although it has been part of the Haier group since 2019, it feels at home at Milan Design Week and Eurocucina. And therefore he chose this moment to announce a new identity, both from a graphic and communication point of view and from a product point of view.

Il new logo (which you can see in the cover image), wants to have a more minimalist approach, elegant but simple and clean. Sharp lines, open letters to indicate dynamism. The historic light blue color gives way to a gray more consistent with the path undertaken by the brand. For the more nostalgic, perhaps the old logo will be missed. But this new brand seems more in line with the modern design seen on the products presented at the presentation event and which you will be able to see during Design Week.

A new style

candy new product line new logocandy new product line new logo

The design of the new Candy products comes from the work of Haier Europe's Milan Experience Design Center. The underlying idea, the Candy team explains to us, is to reveal the innovative and Italian DNA of the brand, merging it with the group's technology. The result is an elegant, minimalist and timeless style, with display and connectivity for smart features.

The new technological soul lives again in the claim “ready to live”, it is based on proposals characterized by the most innovative technological systems. All products, whether built-in or not, connect to the hOn app, the digital platform for managing Haier connected solutions.

Having smart appliances allows you not only to simplify your daily life, but also to guarantee energy efficiency, savings and waste reduction. And in addition to energy savings, there is time saving: a smart home is easier to manage.

Not just a new logo, Candy announces the new kitchen, cold and cleaning lines

At the launch event we got to see a glimpse of the exhibition space Eurocucina dedicated to Candy, where you can discover what's new. The concept “ready to cook” presented the range Candy Black, Candy Full Inox e Candy Stainless Steel Collection. The lines include ovens in energy class A++, hobs and induction hobs connected with integrated hoods. The latter are an absolute novelty for Candy.

Candy Bake 800 in set (3)Candy Bake 800 in set (3)

Among the innovative technologies there is No Preheat, which allows you to start the cooking cycle without preheating to save time and energy. Or FullMenu, which allows you to cook a complete menu at the same time thanks to the six different levels. All features that can be monitored from the hOn app. To test the quality (and a bit for taste), we tried the star chef's creations Cristiano Tomeiwho tested Candy's kitchen products.

Cleaning news

In the “ready to wash” area, Candy will show the new features and main features of the new dishwashers and built-in washing machines. In particular, the built-in solution Quick' in class A with Maxi Tub, which offers 11% more interior space than the average for the same category. And as the name says, it's really fast: a washing and drying program takes just 35 minutes.


Candy also presents the exclusive built-in washing machine class A-20%equipped with numerous functions that can be activated from the hOn come app Exclusive Washing Lens, to recognize the washing symbols and store them in your Virtual Wardrobe. There Smart AI sets the most efficient cycle based on the wash program and load.

Refresh Milan Design Week

In the “ready to cool” space, Candy presents the new range of built-in refrigerators which fully express the concept of “refreshing without effort”. They have various sizes to satisfy every furnishing need, and integrate. As Circle Freshwhich ensures regular and uniform air circulation in every point of the refrigerator.

CANDY FRESCO 800 20MC670 120020CANDY FRESCO 800 20MC670 120020

Among other new features we find Adaptive Humidity Area, a drawer that ensures the optimal humidity level for fruit and vegetables. And then Panorama Light, a design element that captures attention and guarantees total visibility at every point. Furthermore, we find the Candy Smart Pack connected to the hOn app, which provides unique services, including automatic temperature adjustment based on specific needs and a warning message in the event of an abnormal shutdown.

Lots of technology for Candy

Presenting the new logo, Candy also explained how it is “ready to connect”, ready to maximize the potential of connectivity with Haier's hOn app. In the area dedicated to connectivity you will find a IoT Wall, an interactive mosaic made of monitors, graphics and synchronized lights. This serves to underline some values ​​of the brand:

  • ready to save“, to save money and respect the environment, with functions such as Eco-Schedule for programming washes;
  • “ready to last“, for longevity, with alert, for the maintenance and care of each household appliance;
  • ready to live” underlines the need to accommodate people with functions such as remote control, special programs and functions for recipes and shopping lists-

You can find the new Candy line (and the new logo) on the official website, or see the news directly at Eurocucina.

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