Canon has changed the way it produces toner

Canon ha cambiato il suo modo di produrre toner thumbnail

Canon is the latest “illustrious and unexpected” victim of the lack of cartridges and toner chips for its printers. To break the news is the same company of Japanese origin who, in an explanation and support post, announced a change in production of its products.

Given the limited production of material, Canon has therefore opted for a temporary solution in which toner is produced without chips for printers and for all multifunction devices. However, the measure remains linked to a possibility of resolving the problem, but in the meantime this new “initiative” will be grafted onto the market from February.

Canon has changed the way it produces toner – the company’s point of view

“To ensure that our customers do not miss the opportunity to print, Canon has been working on an innovation that aims to make up for the chip shortage, in order to continue providing toner to users,” the post reads, “Canon has started producing chipless toner. Even if there will be inevitable, and small, changes to the use made by users, the normal printing capacity will still be preserved ”.

The purpose target does not therefore seem to be at risk: in fact there should be no problems in the printing process. In any case, Canon, in the explanation and support post, also explained how to manage all the possible errors that could be encountered once a chipless toner is inserted, trying to stay as close as possible to its users.