Canon Zoemini C review: the instant entry level

Canon Zoemini C review: the instant entry level

We finally got our hands on the small Canon Zoemini C, let’s find out in the review every detail about this instant camera!

The camera Zoemini C is a very interesting product which allows direct printing of photos taken with the camera itself. This is the entry level product among Zink instant cameras Canon’s 2 × 3 ″ format. Will this entry level be able to satisfy our needs? Let’s find out in the Canon Zoemini C review!

Technical features | Canon Zoemini C review

  • 5 megapixel instant camera with Micro SD slot that allows you to take, print and export images (JPG format)
  • The front mirror allows you to pose for selfies and group selfies
  • Available in four vibrant colors: bright pink, lemon yellow, mint green and turquoise. Zoemini C is perfect to always carry with you, in your pocket or bag
  • Zink inkless technology enables instant photo printing on smudge-proof, tear-resistant and water-resistant paper
  • Included in the package 10 sheets of 2 × 3 ″ Zink adhesive photo paper

The camera | Canon Zoemini C review

Let’s start by saying that Canon Zoemini C is an entry level product which is limited to being instant camera without offering additional features. It is therefore a similar product but at the same time different from the Canon Zoemini S. The sensor is only 5 megapixels and appears to be conspicuously inferior to that seen on the upper model. The body is very simple and the construction less solid than the Zoemini S. We have in front of us a product that is comfortable to carry around and very simple to use also due to the absence of connection of the camera with the smartphone.

Canon Zoemini C review: the instant entry level

The integrated camera is decent. In good light we were able to take some really beautiful shots with us and even with better colors than the superior model. In the evening, with little light, we met the same limits found with Zoemini S, but in a more accentuated way with a noise also visible in 2 × 3 ″ prints features of this camera. Using the built-in flash for selfies, on average, we were able to take home great shots, but without ever having excellent shots in low light conditions. In fact, it is not possible to choose whether to disable the flash, it only works automatically.

The selfie mirror is very small and slightly off-center. It allows you to have a reasonable preview of who will be present in the shot but it needs a little practice to be used without ever missing a shot. Overall, the camera still manages to be functional and to guarantee the possibility of better selfies than those of a mid-range smartphone.

Canon Zoemini C review: the instant entry level

The integrated viewfinder is of the Galilean type, Inside it has several frames designed to accurately represent what is the printing area. In fact, we have the possibility to choose a 2 × 3 ″ or 2 × 2 ″ format. Depending on the position of the camera, with the 2 × 2 ″ format, we will have a white frame on one side of the image: viewable thanks to the frames being shot. We report that the viewfinder is not the same as the higher-end model, resulting in it being smaller and less bright. However, it is a sufficient viewfinder in all light conditions but it does not make us cry for a miracle. The autonomy instead is good, higher than that of Zoemini S also thanks to the lack of connection with the smartphone.

The possibility of save photos to a microSD card. The same is not necessary for the operation of the camera which is able to photograph and print independently. On the other hand, it is impossible to photograph in the absence of paper. From our point of view, this choice is very sensible, using a snapshot without printing would be out of place. Last interesting point of Zoemini C concerns the dimensions and the comfort in transport. Taking Zoemini C with us was nice, found comfortably in your pocket or in our backpack.

Walking with… | Canon Zoemini C review

We used Canon Zoemini C in different conditions and locations, from the sea to the mountains passing through different cities. In all this succession of movements, what we most appreciated, even in this case, was the small size. Bag, pocket, simply hanging on the wrist, on every occasion it was not a problem to take it with us in all our movements.

Canon Zoemini C review: the instant entry level

We have used a lot Zoemini C in our continuous movement. We were satisfied with the yield on the landscapes, a little less with the yield of the selfies, especially with regard to the colors. In our opinion, the photos are always a little too saturated. The led flash did its job in night shots and proved sufficient to illuminate people within a distance of 2.3 meters, however the shots did not convince us. During the day, without flash, the music changes, here this camera gives its best if always offering interesting shots.

Similarly to what we did with Zoemini S, we tested the camera in environmental conditions that were not always favorable with high temperatures or a lot of humidity. In any case, we did not encounter any problems, Zoemini C proved to be a reliable companion in our travels.

Canon Zoemini C review: the instant entry level

The multicolored LED signaling of Zoemini C’s status is very convenient: it follows the same patterns as Zoemini S. Despite the initial effort to fully understand the associations between colors and status, we were able to memorize everything in a short time. We liked the viewfinder but, even in this case, it turned out to be inferior to that of Zoemini S. Although it is bright enough in low light and able to fairly manage strong contrasts, we cannot be completely satisfied with the latter. We appreciated the build quality of the product and the simplicity in the card refill phase. A little less the absence of some details present in the higher-end model. We can still consider ourselves satisfied with the offer of this product also by virtue of the cost of the card which is not excessive compared to that of the competition.

Snapshot for all budgets | Canon Zoemini C review

Zoemini C is a valid product compared to what the competition offers, but unfortunately lives in the shadow of Zoemini S. If your budget is limited this is an easily preferable option, but given the difference of only € 50 with Zoemini S, being able to spend a little more, it is better to focus on the latter. Let’s be clear, in this range € 50 is really a lot, but we would have liked at least the same endowment of viewfinder and sensor of the higher-end model to be able to recommend, without hesitation, the purchase of this camera. The absence of remote printing from smartphones alone would have been enough to differentiate the two products. On the other hand, this camera is more immediate to use than Zoemini S. So the choice is yours! In any case, you will fall to your feet having a valid product but above all reliable!

Points in favor

  • Price
  • Print format
  • Good image quality …

Points against

  • … but not always at the top
  • Not optimal performance in low light
  • Small selfie mirror
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