Sony: firmware update for the ZV-1 camera

Sony: firmware update for the ZV-1 camera

Sony announces a new free firmware update for the ZV-1 digital camera

Sony’s new firmware update for the ZV-1 digital camera allows users to easily utilize the camera’s high quality video and audio for live streams by simply connecting the camera to a PC. The ZV-1 handycam has been specially designed for vloggers and content creators. It combines extreme ease of use with uncompromising imaging technology, making it the perfect tool for anyone dedicated to creating content, regardless of skills.

Sony: firmware update for ZV-1

With this firmware update, users can easily connect the ZV-1 to a PC via USB to utilize the high-quality video stream and built-in microphone for crystal clear audio for everyday use, from live social media to video conferencing. In addition, when the camera is connected to a Sony Xperia smartphone, users can stream and use the Xperia smartphone as a secondary display to read comments and monitor the live feed.

Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for live streaming and, consequently, an increase in expectations for image and audio quality. This firmware update allows users to take full advantage of the ZV-1’s high video quality, as well as excellent audio capabilities, using the high quality UVC / UAC support, for live streaming., video calls and much more. This capability will also be added to other compatible cameras in the future.

On Sony’s page, there are links for free firmware updates for Windows and Mac.