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Carlo Barlocco becomes Head of B2B in Europe for Motorola

Charles Barlocco he was appointed Head of EMEA B2B di Motorola, while retaining its role as Executive Director in Italy. Effective January 1, 2023, he assumed responsibility for expanding Motorola’s professional business in Europe.

Carlo Barlocco becomes Head of B2B of Motorola in EMEA

In his new position, he will supervise the Local B2B Account Managers of Motorola in EMEA, together with their respective Country Manager. Furthermore, Richard Wills and Alejandro Sanchez, respectively Senior Sales Manager, B2B, Motorola EMEA and Business Development Manager, ThinkShield, will report directly to him. The goal remains to ensure the implementation of the B2B strategy and interaction with the markets.

Carlo Barlocco joined Motorola as Executive Director for Italy in September 2019. And thanks to his experience and the enhancement of integration and synergy with other areas of Lenovo, he has led the brand to achieve excellent performance in the country. The manager has also developed a successful model in the B2B segment in Italy, obtaining important results with large companies.

Thanks to this success, Carlo Barlocco will be able to apply his approach in other European countries where Motorola operates in his new role. The goal to achieve the brand’s ambitious goals to achieve double-digit growth of market share in the B2B segment in Europe in the short term.

A success story

Graduated from the University of Milan, before working at Motorola, he spent 18 years in Samsung Electronics Italyeventually becoming president of the company for four years.

carlo barlocco motorola mini

Charles Barlocco, Executive Director, General Manager Italy and Head of EMEA B2B of Motorola, declared: “I am enthusiastic about this new position, and I am sure that we will also be able to win this new important challenge, also because we now have an adequate structure, with people who work in the enterprise world. We are in a privileged position to make this evolution, as Motorola borrows reliability, credibility and solidity from being part of a group like Lenovo, which has its strength in B2B.

“We are among the very few players on the market able to offer companies an ecosystem of devices, ranging from PCs, to tablets, up to smartphones, capable of communicating with each other, ensuring maximum protection thanks to solutions such as ThinkShield, the security portfolio most complete on the market, already tested on PC and now usable on smartphones. A prime example is the new Thinkphone, our first B2B smartphone that talks to our ThinkPad PC, as it has the same software, security and management solutions.”

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