Cassandra: the short co-written by the artificial intelligence

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Cassandra is the title of a short belonging to a transmedia series produced by Scuola Holden and Rai Cinema, directed by Riccardo Milanesi of Storylab, which explores the potential of synthetic narration, that is, that which uses dell’artificial intelligence (AI).

The short film, lasting 15 minutes, will be presented as a national premiere tomorrow, 19 October 2023, during the Short Film Daysthe event dedicated to short films within Alice nella città, the section of the Rome Film Festival aimed at new generations.

The official synopsis reads:

“Agatha is a young student at the Holden School in Turin who was chosen to act as a story-trainer for Cassandra, a predictive artificial intelligence app designed to analyze user data and predict future events in their lives. Agatha will have to teach Cassandra to speak with a living, human voice. As the days pass, Agatha understands that Cassandra’s predictions go beyond the simple calculation of probabilities, risking actively influencing users’ personal choices.“

Well yes, artificial intelligence has written a short film: Cassandra

The short film is the result of an innovative creative process, in which the authors collaborated with AI at every stage of production. To write the script, they used ChatGPT e Google Bard. To create the shots they combined footage of the real actors with images generated by AI Runway.

The character of Cassandra was also created entirely by AI, thanks to Midjourney e D-ID. Finally, the series logo was designed with AI Looka.

The project

Cassandra was born as a project that aims to enhance the emerging talents of the Holden School. In fact, she is the director Demetra Birtone (graduated from Scuola Holden in 2021) and the screenwriters are the teachers Riccardo Milanesi e Filippo Losito.

The protagonist Nicole Soffritti she is a young actress and comedian who debuted in Zelig in 2023 with the show Divinamente Upset. Also in the cast Iacopo Ferro, who plays Alessio, another story-trainer of Cassandra. Iacopo is a student at the Teatro Stabile in Turin and starred in 2023 in the show Six Characters in Search of an Author directed by Valerio Binasco.

Cassandra will arrive soon on RaiPlay.

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