Casta Diva: four new programs are launched

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Casta Diva: four new programs to be broadcast for the entertainment company are underway

There will be four new programs that will start shortly on the channels of Casta Diva, the well-known entertainment company. They will be broadcast on Discovery Italia networks and are four completely original formats.

This is my home

The first format is titled “This is my house” (adaptation of the original format This is my house by BBC): a factual-game show, which in the Italian version will be hosted by Tommaso Zorzi.

In each episode, four contestants will have to convince a jury of celebrities – made up of Roberta Tagliavini (antique dealer already protagonist on Nove de La mercante di Brera and one of the experts of Cash or Trash – Who offers more ?, also on Nove), Stefania Orlando , Barbara Foria and the comedian and influencer Nicola Conversa – that “this is my home”, but only one of the four will tell the truth.

The winner will have up for grabs a supply of home textiles signed by Via Roma 60 and a weekend in Italy at a 5-star hotel on the Nero Lifestyle circuit.

The program will air from May 6 on Real Time and aims to challenge prejudices and play with the natural curiosities of the human soul.

Incredible Transformations

The program will make its debut on Real Time from May 16 and will be conducted by the very elegant Enzo Miccio, the beauty expert Loretta Grace and the hair stylist Alessandro Maritato.

In each episode two stories will be told: thanks to the help of some accomplices, the unsuspecting protagonists will be brought to the presence of the three experts and will thus be able to experience a real transformation at 360 degrees.

Luca Terni

In June, the Tuscan chef Luca Terni will return to Food Network with a new traveling program dedicated to the search for the most authentic flavors of the Italian culinary tradition.

Fare detailing

To these new programs is added the second season of Fare detailing with Marcello Mereu, the format dedicated to motor enthusiasts on the secrets of car aesthetics. In addition to the new chapter “Speciale Testarossa”, available in streaming on the discovery + platform, the famous car detailer Mereu will be the protagonist at the end of the year on Motor Trend in a new special dedicated to another very special car, the Amos.

Fabio Nesi and Massimo Righini, respectively CEO and Chief Creative Officer of the production company Casta Diva state:

2021 was a particularly rich and stimulating year from the point of view of television productions, but 2022 will not be outdone. These new programs that are about to arrive on the small screen are the result of a careful selection of the best foreign productions: fresh, original and not obvious, they will also thrill the Italian public. We are also very satisfied with the success of our original formats created last year, for which a second unreleased season is ready to go.

So you just have to be spoiled for choice!

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