CD Projekt RED: Will use Unreal Engine 5 for the upcoming The Witcher

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It seems that even CD Projekt RED has set its sights on Unreal Engine 5 to develop its next chapter of The Witcher

We can now safely state how, theUnreal Engine 5is becoming a constant more and more present within the vast videogame panorama and the next The Witcher it is not exempt. Then think that the same thing could also happen with the next Tomb Raider, but let’s go ahead with some order!

Unreal Engine 5: the next step for the new the Witcher?

Already during the past months, CD Projekt RED had announced that its next The Witcher should be “a new saga for the franchise” and apparently they want to go big with the use of Unreal Engine 5. On Twitter the game director Jason Slama in fact, he described all the potential of this choice, then showing a dilapidated medieval village near Velen as an example, then affirming the following:

Players can go in the direction they want. They can manage the content in the order they want, in theory. To really encapsulate it means you need a really stable environment where you can be able to make changes with a high level of security

For its part, the artistic director Jakub Knapikhe then added that this is it the equivalent of a toolbox with many features and solutions. He also mentioned that since it is an engine used by many other peers in the industry, its level of design means that it will be even more agile and practical to use when creating new games.

The new chapter of the Geralt of Rivia saga should therefore arrive on Xbox Series X / S, PS5 and PC, but we still don’t know when. So, while you wait, how about passing the wait by enriching your collection of videogame masterpieces, retro and otherwise, by going to recover similar stocks at the best price ever? If you are interested, please click here, while, to be constantly updated on the great world of video games yesterday and today, stay with us here on!