CellularLine: 3 new covers with Microban technology are on the way

CellularLine: 3 new covers with Microban technology are on the way

CellularLine announces the arrival of three new covers with Microban technology for antibacterial protection

After the success of Antibacterial Glass and Antibacterial Case, Cellularline now incorporates Microban technology in 3 of its most requested covers. In addition, the new Sensation Plus, coming soon, will also be equipped with antibacterial technology. Antibacterial protection is now included in Sensation, Tetra Force Strong Twist, Book Agenda and the new Sensation Plus cases.

Microban® protection actively reduces up to 99.9% of bacteria on treated surfaces, keeping them hygienically safer throughout the product life cycle.

“Never before have we been aware of how important the hygiene of our hands and the products around us is. And if we talk about an object like the smartphone, with which we come into contact every day, it is evident that attention to cleaning is a must. Yet many are neglecting this aspect. Research conducted in 2012 by the University of Arizona showed that, on average, a smartphone hosts 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. “

The CellularLine covers are coming soon

For this reason Cellularline has decided to expand the range of products incorporating the Microban® antibacterial technology on its covers. This will be included in some of his most requested cases: the SENSATION, with soft touch silicone finish and microfiber interior, the TETRA FORCE STRONG TWIST, ultra protective Versaflex ™ material, and the practical book cover BOOK AGENDA. All three will be produced in the new version equipped with antibacterial protection, which will gradually replace the versions without Microban® technology. And the Microban® antibacterial will also be implemented in some of the upcoming new products, such as the SENSATION PLUS, soft-touch silicone case with “Made for MagSafe®” certified magnetic module, which allows charging and docking to the Apple MagSafe® charger.

The decision to expand the range with Microban® antibacterial technology comes after the success of ANTIBACTERIAL CASE e ANTIBACTERIAL GLASS. The case and protective glass were unveiled last year and inaugurated the partnership between Cellularline and Microban®. Integrated during the manufacturing process, Microban® antibacterial protection interacts with the vital processes of bacteria, preventing their survival and proliferation. Tests performed by independent laboratories have shown how this technology actively reduces up to 99.9% of bacteria on the treated surfaces, keeping them hygienically safer.

With the cases protected by Microban®, Cellularline therefore continues its path of innovation and quality, aiming to simplify people’s lives with practical, reliable and safe products. And this without sacrificing convenience: despite the added advantage of a permanent antibacterial protection, the new SENSATION, TETRA FORCE STRONG TWIST and BOOK AGENDA will maintain the same price as previous versions.

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Below is the photo of the covers that will integrate Microban technology.

CellularLine: 3 new covers with Microban technology are on the wayCellularLine: 3 new covers with Microban technology are on the way CellularLine: 3 new covers with Microban technology are on the way

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