Cellularline at IFA 2023: not just cables

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BERLIN – Sitting inside the stand of Cellularline, we looked around with some amazement.
It is not the first time that the Emilian company participates in the IFA in Berlin but this year they seem to have outdone themselves. The space is enormous, both in the area dedicated to the public and in that reserved for professionals (journalists, partners, staff…).
Part of us couldn’t help but think “but they… didn’t they just make cables?”.

Not just cables: from MusicSound to iPhone accessories

No, certainly not.
We are far from “cables only” or “covers only”.

However, thought is not necessarily disconnected from reality.
After all, a few years ago, when entering electronics stores or an Autogrill, there was a fair chance of coming across these Cellularline products.
But now things have changed.

I’m here to show you Alessio Lasagni, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, e Chiara Sartori, Digital & Content Marketing Manager.
Our tour begins perhaps with one of the youngest brands of the group: Music Sound.
After 5 years of activity, it arrives il rebranding: new logo, new packaging and lots of variety. They range from classic earphones to Speaker Karaoke which aims to liven up our parties.
Great attention also to colors and design, with the natural intention of attracting a young audience.

IFA 2023 is the opportunity to present Norban, which winks at urban mobility with products such as the inevitable mobile phone holder, the protective helmet, the reflective jacket and much more. If you travel around the city with a scooter, you should definitely check it out.

Cellularline IFA 2023 Newrban

There is also ample space for GaN charging technology, which stands for gallium nitridea semiconductor that guarantees high performance with reduced heat generation.
All this translates into 130W and 150W chargers with a USB-A port and 3 USB-C ports, so you can recharge everything easily without too many worries.

Cellularline IFA 2023 GaN

However, our tour of the stand is not limited to an overview of the products which, obviously, also include cables and covers. In reality, the chat with Lasagni and Sartori tells us a lot a company extremely attentive to user needs, a company that listens. And it does so not only with new product lines and new colors that respond to the tastes of the new generations but also studying and improving every single product, from car holders to films to protect cameras alone. In short, great attention to customers, at 360° and in any production line.
Now we just have to find out what Cellularline has in store for us in the near future.

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