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Cellularline officially launches the Lotus and Domus wireless chargers

Cellularline officially launches two new wireless charging bases, characterized by an innovative design. These are Domus and Lotus, created in collaboration with the award-winning designer Matteo Ragni, which in addition to recharging act as a piece of furniture.

Cellularline collaborates with the designer Matteo Ragni for the new wireless chargers

They are ready to enter our homes, and they are modern, beautiful and efficient. We are talking about the new cellularline smartphone chargers. These, called LOTUS and MODUS, they are in fact characterized by an innovative design. The project is the result of the collaboration between the smartphone accessories brand and Matteo Ragni. The latter is a well-known Italian designer, already twice winner of the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award.

I caricabatterie wireless made their debut in the frame of the Fuorisalone 2021 in Milan. Lotus and Domus will remain on display for the duration of the event, in 6 showrooms scattered around the city of Milan. Here it will be possible to test the chargers and appreciate their stylistic effort.

Lotus and Modus, to recharge and beautify your home

“Today the smartphone represents for everyone the black box of actions, memories and emotions, in practice the archive of our existence. For this reason, designing a home to recharge our beloved smartphone was a very exciting challenge. ” explains the designer Matteo Ragni. “LOTUS evokes the poetic imagery of water lilies, welcoming the smartphone like a suspended flower that floats in its concave body ”.

The charger in question is available in green and ivory colors. In addition to reloading, it is perfect as a support surface for small objects. The device has a maximum power of 10W, just enough to charge all smartphones that are compatible with Qi wireless technology.

Cellularline’s LOTUS wireless charger,

Inspired by altarpieces and instead DOMUS, which thus wants to underline – with veiled irony – “the sacredness of our relational tool with the world around us”. In addition to charging the device, DOMUS it also amplifies the sound diffusion thanks to the pleating of the base. Also in this case we are talking about a power of 10W, available in bronze and silver.


“The original combination of design and cutting-edge technology of LOTUS and DOMUS best represents the innovative spirit that animates our company, and which leads us to renew a third of our product range every year”, he comments Francesca Cucchi, Group Product Manager Charge & Utility di Cellularline. “The path we have taken in recent years leads us to push more and more on the levers of innovation and sustainability, in addition to the values ​​of reliability and practicality that are traditionally associated with the Cellularline brand”.

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