Cellularline lancia i Multiricarica GaN: multipower micro "salvaspazio" thumbnail

Cellularline presents the new GaN Multicharges

Cellularline launches the GaN Multi-Recharge: "space-saving" micro multipower thumbnail

The Cellularline product range is renewed with the debut of the new GaN Multicharges. These are multipower in micro format that aim to reduce bulk and simplify the charging of their devices.

Cellularline’s new GaN Multi-Refills make their debut

Cellularline has launched three new GaN Multi-Charges. Available to users are the versioni da 30 W, 45 W e 65 W. The company’s new proposals are ultra-compact solutions that allow you to recharge laptops, smartphones and tablets in a single solution. The devices integrate a USB-C port compatible with fast charging and a USB port – which provides adaptive charging.

The new Cellularline proposals have very compact dimensions, simplifying transport. The small size was achieved thanks to the use of gallium nitride for semiconductors which allows the creation of compact devices thanks to the lesser passage of heat between the internal components.

The new ones Multiricarica GaN of Cellularline are already available on the market. From this week, in fact, it is possible to purchase one of the new devices through the Cellularline online store or from one of the authorized retailers.

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