Cellularline shows its best accessories at Live The Excellence 2024

Cellularline Group today closed the doors of the third edition of “Live The Excellence 2024“, where he showed his best accessories and the most interesting innovations: chargers, covers, cables, but also headphones and audio products from the line Music Sound. We stopped by Reggio Emilia to see first-hand the news and chat with Alessio LasagniMarketing Director and Chief Digital Officer of Cellularline, to understand how this Italian company works. And to be able to tell you about all the most interesting accessories for your smartphones.

Cellularline presents its best accessories at Live The Excellence 2024

The team of the Reggio Emilia company found the time to show us the press the latest news, amidst weeks of meetings with market operators and commercial partners. From all the sixty countries in which it operates, they came to Ruote da Sogno to explore the innovations offered by Cellularline and its affiliated brands, including Music Sound, Skross, Sistema e Interphone.

If simply splendid vintage cars were on display on the ground floor of Ruote da Sogno, going up to the first floor we found an area dedicated to all the accessories you could want for our electronic devices. Cellularline displayed its new products on various stands, dividing the various product categories by theme.

cellularline 2024 live the excellence 2024 accessoricellularline 2024 live the excellence 2024 accessori

A large variety of products, which the company develops vertically. Lasagni explains to us that “in the vast sea of ​​smartphone accessories, you have categories such as cases and chargers, with respect to which the consumer has a completely different approach. Therefore, you also need to have verticals within the company, with different technological and marketing skills.”

During our chat between the stands, Lasagni focuses several times on the importance of “starting from the needs of the consumer”. And in fact, while we evaluate the latest news (including a couple of goodies that will arrive during the year), the Cellularline theme always explains to us which problem the accessories solve — or which opportunity they are going to exploit.

Cellularline's news for 2024

Among the most interesting innovations, we find several products based on MagSafe, Apple's magnetic charging — but which, with the right cover, also works for many other brands. The very thin magnetic power bank Mag Lite 5000 (of which the version arrives Mag Lite 10000 in May) particularly impressed us: you can continue to take photos and videos with your iPhone without cables getting in the way while charging.

cellularline accessories 2024cellularline accessories 2024

Enter theHub Mag 65W it represents a versatile solution for charging multiple devices simultaneously, the smartphone in magnetic mode, while two USB-C and two USB-A recharge the other accessories.

But the magnetic socket is also used for firm supports for video recordings, rather than for convenience when traveling by car. From this point of view, the Touch Air Cooler Mag and the Mag Compact offer innovative solutions for using the iPhone in the car, ensuring safety and convenience while driving.

cellularline car accessories 2024cellularline car accessories 2024

Charging, protection, music

During our visit, we appreciated how the Cellularline 2024 range covers both essential, no-frills products, but also more advanced technological solutions. All with an eye also to the environment, with thegamma Become which stands out for its commitment to sustainability, with products like the Become Recycled Plastic Case and the Become USB-C Charger 20Wboth made from recycled materials.

Among the tech news, we find Tracy, an ultra-lightweight object finding device compatible with Apple Find My technology. This small but powerful gadget promises to put an end to the days of lost items, offering peace of mind to those who tend to forget where they put their keys or wallet. But there are also smart solutions like i Camera Lens Ring they offer discreet but effective protection for your phone's camera lenses, or i removable tempered privacy glassreally useful for often taking public transport or working in co-working spaces, for example.

But even in apparently simple products, such as cables, we find cutting-edge solutions. Like the USB-C cables that take advantage of the 10 Gbit/s speeds of the USB 3.1 standard, or ultra-resistant ones. Not to mention the multiple chargers, which can provide up to 130W of power on multiple devices (and which are a godsend, especially for those who travel).

accessori sound music brandaccessori sound music brand

Then there are the innovations in the audio sector, such as headphones Vibed e Shield Of Music Sound they offer comfort, long battery life and, in the case of the Shield, even active noise cancellation. And then they have fun colors that make them particularly suitable for the tastes of younger people.

A world of products — and services

In addition to all the new features announced under the Cellularline brand, there are also several pearls from other brands. Like the aforementioned Music Sound, but also Intercom for two-wheel enthusiasts, Scrap for products designed for travelers and System, specialized in telcos. And then the distribution of accessories also designed for other brands, such as Samsung.

But Cellularline is not just covers for smartphones and tablets, accessories and audio products. It also has several specialized services. We saw it at the Reggio Emilia event Workshop Area, a space dedicated to personalized co-working sessions for trade partners and distributors. Lasagni explains to us that Cellularline often works alongside distributors to “understand how to display the product, how to manage the assortments: we make life easier for our partners”. Among the services that we can find in electronics stores and beyond, the installation one seems very useful to us tempered glass and films on the windows of smartphones and tablets.

Cellularline's news for 2024 seems many and varied to us. Especially the MagSafe product category impressed us with several interesting ideas, which we will see transformed into products throughout the year. We will keep you informed: there are many Cellularline pearls to discover in the sea of ​​smartphone accessories.

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