CertiDeal: 7 false myths about refurbished products debunked

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According to CertiDeal, here are the 7 false myths to dispel about refurbished cell phones to eliminate any doubts and highlight the advantages of purchasing a refurbished phone

New, used or refurbished? The offer for those who intend to change smartphones is now increasingly wider, but the required requirements remain constant: optimal performance, high product quality, honest prices and, why not, attention to the environment. A mix of features which, however, to date, not all devices are still able to guarantee and satisfy.

CertiDeal: 7 false myths about refurbished products debunked

CertiDeal refurbished

And if on the one hand the new market does not give way, despite stellar prices and a continuous race for the latest model which implies an excessive waste of raw materials, on the other hand, the used market still arouses some suspicion and often leads to malfunctions . However, between these two options, the refurbished market: the ideal solution for those who are not willing to compromise and which, to date, represents the most valid and competitive alternative both in terms of cost and performance to have a high-quality mobile phone, with the lowest possible environmental impact.

In fact, refurbished smartphones are products generally intended for display, unsold, ordered and sent back by the customer to the distributor for minimal defects. And not only that, these devices enter the telephony market only after having passed numerous hardware and software tests in specialized laboratories, where if necessary, worn or malfunctioning components are also replaced.

Although this sector is constantly expanding – just think that it is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 10.2% and be valued at $143.8 billion by 2031 – offering consumers the opportunity to save money and reduce environmental impact by purchasing devices that have been repaired and made like new, when it comes to refurbished lUncertainty and false myths still reign supreme.

CertiDeal: 7 false myths about refurbished products debunked

CertiDeal refurbished: the 7 myths to dispel

Here because CertiDeala company specializing in refurbished devices and at the forefront of the market since 2015, clarifies seven aspects not to be forgotten before buying refurbished smartphones to dispel the main false beliefs:

The guarantee is there and it is reliable

The guarantee and the possibility of withdrawal (usually 14 days) are synonymous with the reliability of the seller. In the case of CertiDeal, the warranty is 24 months, double that of that generally offered by competitors, while the withdrawal period is 21 days. Warranty extension offers are also available and can be subscribed to by customers on the site.

The smartphone is not damaged

The gradation only concerns the external appearance of the phones, but their functioning is 100% guaranteed. Depending on aesthetic wear, smartphones are graded:

  • Correct
    • Screen: micro scratches visible from 20cm and invisible when the screen is on.
    • Body: visible scratches or bumps.
  • Very good
    • Screen: Excellent condition.
    • Body: superficial micro scratches.
  • Impeccable
    • Screen: like new.
    • Body: superficial micro scratches.

The origin of the smartphones may vary but is always reliable

The purchasing office acquires smartphones from telephone operators who deal with devices that previously belonged to a single owner. In the case of CertiDeal, each of the refurbished products offered for sale on the site is physically recovered by company employees and follows a three-step approval process at the site: verification, testing and certification. CertiDeal experts are therefore the first to intervene technically on the product, which they recondition internally, without any other intermediary.

Refurbished is not synonymous with used

The most common belief when talking about refurbished smartphones is that they have been used. However, there are many differences between used and refurbished: the former does not come tested, overhauled, sanitized, guaranteed and does not offer the possibility of returnwhile the second yes!

The battery is in excellent condition

The reconditioning process includes the check the battery status and its capacity, which it must be above 80%. CertiDeal in particular, when it detects a battery level below the minimum threshold, replaces it with a new one.

Savings aren’t just economic

New smartphones, to satisfy the unstoppable demands of the market, require more and more energy and natural resources to be built. Specifically, the creation of a new cell phone involves the production of approximately 85 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Buying a refurbished mobile phone means having an eye towards sustainability and environmental respect. With a refurbished smartphone, in fact, it is possible to satisfy our need to own a quality mobile device, while at the same time avoiding the further use of other resources of our planet.

Refurbished is a smartphone brought back to factory conditions

The chances that the new owner of the smartphone will read the data of the old one is impossible. In fact, during the reconditioning process, each mobile phone undergoes a complete reset (any data, multimedia content, accounts, passwords… are removed) and is returned to factory conditions.

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