CertiDeal advice to optimize smartphone consumption

I consigli di CertiDeal per ottimizzare il consumo dello smartphone e prolungare la vita della batteria thumbnail

CertiDeala French company specializing in refurbished electronic devices, has collected some tips for consumers who want extend the battery of your iPhone and save a few euros on your home bill. Here are the details:

CertiDeal’s advice to optimize the consumption of your iPhone and reduce energy costs

To extend the battery life of your iPhone you can activate the energy saving mode. This mode reduces battery consumption until it is deactivated or the charge reaches 80%. Note the possibility to lower the brightness of the display and to disable bluetooth, localization and updates in the background to extend the autonomy.

Among the recommendations of CertiDeal there is also a foresight related to recharging. Experts advise to keep the smartphone charge between 20% and 80%. Furthermore, avoid leaving your smartphone charging overnight. If the smartphone is not used for a long time, it is convenient to leave a charge level of approximately 50%.

By putting these few but fundamental precautions into practice, it will be possible to extend the life of your refurbished iPhone or any other smartphone. Just a few tricks are enough to optimize consumption, avoid damaging the battery and having to consume too much energy to use your device.