CertiDeal, the first smartphone for your children

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Always earlier and always increasing. This seems to be the trend that best describes the relationship between young people and mobile phones… it is sufficient to consider that the average age at which one receives the first mobile phone is only 11 years

Even as the age drops, the demand remains stable: high-quality smartphones and exceptional performance. However, a problem arises: the phones of teenagers, often distracted and with their heads in the clouds, seem attracted to the hardest floors like magnets.

CertiDeal, the first smartphone for your children

Daredevil heroes: high-performance smartphones for young adventurers

To extend the life of mobile phones and keep costs under control, thanks to the company specializing in refurbished devices, CertiDealit will no longer be necessary to make compromises.

The back-to-school period, with the purchase of textbooks, stationery and new backpacks, represents a particularly expensive time for many families. However, today it is possible meet the needs of their children, saving up e contributing to the environmentthanks to refurbished cell phones Of CertiDeal.

It is a gift that is not only beautiful, functional and fashionable, but also advantageous from every point of view.

Furthermore, in occasion of returning to schooljust register and verify your student status through Student Beans to get one 5% discount on all the products on the site!

Using the codice BACKTOSCHOOL23it is possible to get additional 10 euros discount on the cart.

So here are CertiDeal’s tips for a high-performance gift, with two year warrantywhich fits the parents’ budget, respects the environment and makes the kids happy!

Numerous models are available, including iPhone 6 to 14, with different memory capacities, colors and aesthetic conditions. In short, there is something for all tastes.

Economy and Sustainability with CertiDeal

Let’s look at some examples together:

  • iPhone XR 128 Gb Red – iPhone refurbished by 264,99 euro – available in other colors and aesthetic grades
  • iPhone 11 64 Gb Red – iPhone refurbished by 312,99 euro – available in other colors and aesthetic grades
  • iPhone 12 128 Gb Red – iPhone refurbished by 436,99 euro – available in other colors and aesthetic grades
  • iPhone 13 128 Gb Red – iPhone refurbished by 604,99 euro – available in other colors and aesthetic grades

Furthermore, when it comes to schoolwork and studying with friends, CertiDeal offers a range of Refurbished iPads, ideal hi-tech companions to avoid distractions, improve your study method and take notes easily.

Using the codice IPAD2SCHOOLyou can get one discount of 15 eurosthus allowing further savings!

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