CES 2022: Lenovo introduces three new Q series monitors

CES 2022: Lenovo presenta tre nuovi monitor della serie Q thumbnail

Al CES 2022, Lenovo today unveiled to consumers three new Q series monitors. We are talking about Lenovo Q27h-20, Lenovo Q27q-20​ e Lenovo Q24i-20, which create a perfect combination of style and functionality for home use. Let’s find out all the details together.

Lenovo’s new Q monitors

A high quality screen designed for trend setters is definitely the unique monitor Lenovo Q27h-20 of the 27″.

The monitor features a stylish design and Lenovo technology for low natural blue light output. This screen with extremely bezels thin on all four the sides guarantees an excellent user experience thanks to the QHD IPS resolution it’s a monitor HDR for vivid color performance.

If you wish, you can turn your monitor into a connection hub for entertainment with a practical solution docking a un cavo USB-C to allow the device to recharge and / or create a display extension to show content on different screens.

Another offering aimed at modern families consists of the other two consumer monitors of the Q series. We are talking about Lenovo Q27q-20 27 ”, larger and with a QHD resolution, and Lenovo Q24i-20 da 23,8” con Full HD.

With an ultra-thin top from 7,1 mm and a design on three sides almost without frames, these particularly stylish monitors unite refinement e comfort to an ergonomic support. They also boast an integrated technology a low natural blue light output for eye well-being and powerful display functionality.

The two monitors, proposed in two-tone silver / black color, together with the other metal flagship models, they can be managed very easily and can be optimized with a simple click through the increasingly smart features of the software Lenovo Artery.

Lenovo introduces the Yoga Mobile Mouse, Yoga Performance, and the Lenovo Go 130W Multi-Port Charger

If you are looking for a wireless mouse that offers a perfect combination of practicality and style to increase productivity, the solution for you is Yoga Mobile. It is a ultra portable mouse and from low profile design. Or, you can try Yoga Performance, extremely ergonomic e handy, equipped with programmable buttons.

Both mice feature three adjustments up to 2,400 DPI for increased sensitivity and come with a dynamic scroll wheel two-speed. The devices are also functional and offer users theaccuracy of an infrared sensor, a dual-host Bluetooth connectivity it’s a integrated long-life battery.

Finally, Lenovo presented the 130W compact multi-port charger from the Lenovo Go line. The device is characterized by a unique charging hub with three USB-C Power Delivery ports, to charge the laptop up to 100W. In addition, a USB-A port is also available, which allows fast charging up to 18W.

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