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CES 2023, il team di Techprincess vola a Las Vegas per la fiera di tecnologia più importante al mondo thumbnail

Also this year, for the sixth consecutive year, the techgameworld.com team will fly to CES in Las Vegas to follow and tell you about the technological innovations that 2023 will have in store for us. Six of us will start to be able to tell you in the best way – in written and video form – the most important fair in the world in the innovation sector, the Consume Electronic Show. Follow and support our adventures from January 2 to 9, 2023.

CES 2023 what we expect and what we will do

Making predictions about a fair that takes place on the other side of the world isn’t always easy. Last year was a strange fair, knocked down by COVID. The most striking news were those in which each company announced its NOT presence. And how can you blame him, given that personally at the end of CES 2021 I too caught COVID and was stuck in the United States for a good week.

This year things should be different: the “defecting” companies of 2021 will all be present this year and all will announce news after news. We don’t want to make predictions about what the fair will be like, we only hope that through our stories you can be closer and more informed about what will happen in Las Vegas (despite the old saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”) 😉

Repertoire photo dated 2019 🤣 which portrays us in the CES Press Room

What we will do at CES 2023

  • Il January 3, 2023 it is the day of CES Unveiled, a moment in which many novelties from large producers or small startups of any kind will be discovered in preview. Usually this is the most anticipated event.
  • Il January 4, 2023 It’s press conference day at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. You will discover – already from the first light of dawn – the news arriving from Bosch, LG, Samsung, TCL, Hyundai, Panasonic, Sony and AMD.
  • Dal 5 to 7 January 2023 instead, you will find us divided between the Las Vegas Convention Center and Eureka Park, places where we will be able to “taste” and tell you about all the things that we will touch first hand starting from the car manufacturers (for which the CES in Las Vegas is always buying more importance). BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benzi and Stellantis are the protagonists of the West pavilion. We already have several appointments for succulent previews. We will obviously get our hands on the products launched by the consumer electronics giants and find out what the small and innovative startups that nestle inside the Eureka Park have to offer.

Where to follow us

Not being able to physically come with us, what we can do is take you virtually with us, but you must follow us, otherwise our efforts will be worth very little. Here are some indications on where to take advantage of the dozens and dozens of contents that we intend to produce for you.

  • On the website www.techgameworld.com.it (here all the articles dedicated to CES 2023): we will produce news and articles in which we will tell you in written form the news, the enthusiasm and the perplexities that may arise.
  • Instagram di techgameworld.com: here we will produce (ed Fjona, Erika and Daniele) a lot of reels and stories to always take you with us, without ifs and buts, especially in the backstage of our sweaty and tiring fair life (made up of sleep deprivation … for obvious reasons );
  • Tiktok became techgameworld.com: yes, we have a Tiktok channel and we are not afraid to use it for short videos from CES in Las Vegas😎;
  • YouTube di techgameworld.com: the Youtube channel is now one of the content pillars of our group which has grown and matured over the years. Together with our video maker we will bring you long videos but also short videos, based on what we find from day to day. For the occasion we will create an ad-hoc playlist to group all the videos;
  • Twitch di techgameworld.com: despite the age and the jetlag we will do our best to take you with us through the twists and turns of the fair and those of Las Vegas. We will absolutely disregard the Italian time… we could be live at the crack of dawn in Italy as well as in the middle of the night 😉
  • Radio and TV: once again this year we will lend our words to other publications because tech news deserves to be disseminated. In a few days we will give you more details on the appointments.

Of course, don’t forget to…

…follow our heroes on their personal social channels because the trip of the techgameworld.com team to the United States will be a real adventure (like every year by the way). In fact, before arriving in Las Vegas we will spend a few days in Los Angeles and then who knows. We don’t want to spoil everything for you!

  • Follow Fjona Cakalli on all social networks in the world (how strange to talk about yourself like this, but what can we do, self-promotion is part of our job) 🤣. My reference channels are Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook.
  • Follow Daniele Cicarelli: Daniele is a historic editor of techgameworld.com and a new influencer, follow him on Instagram which is his favorite channel.

See you in Vegas!

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