Chairs from Gaming Trust, Riye and Ruya, for maximum comfort

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Featuring a completely new design, the Riye and Ruya gaming chairs mark an elegant transformation in the Trust collection

Carefully designed to ensure comfort e durataboth have an in structure breathable fabric which maintains the freshness during the hottest days. Furthermore, the durable PU leather and the use of high-density foam offer players unparalleled comfort throughout duration of gaming sessions.

Chairs from Gaming Trust, Riye and Ruya, for maximum comfort

Riye and Ruya, comfort and futuristic style for every player

Each chair has unique features: GXT 703 Riyegive it futuristic and captivating styleallows players to express their own personality through an elegant and refined design. Adjustable in height, it offers fold-down armrests that provide both support when needed and freedom of movement when not in use.

On the other hand, the clean design of Ruya GXT 714 it is perfect for those looking for a trendy chair suitable for bedroom or play space. With full height adjustment, backrest, 3D armrests and tilt lock function, players can find the ideal position to achieve victory. THE lumbar cushions and for the neck removable they assure comfort continuoand for those who care about sustainability, Ruya presents a wooden structure certified FSC.

Both Riye and Ruya are available in colors black, blue, red and whitegiving players plenty of choice to fit their gaming or work environment.

He pprice of the GXT 703 Riye gaming chair and of 149,99 eurowhile the GXT 714 Ruya is available at the price of 249,99 euro.

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