Charging paused on iPhone: what it means and what to do

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Con iOS 16, Apple has introduced a new notice on iPhone: Charging paused. A warning that appears when you are charging your smartphone, but the temperature gets too high. Here’s how it works and how to fix it.

Charging paused on iPhone (with iOS 16)

In order for the warning “Charging paused”Between the notifications of your iPhone, two things must happen at the same time. State caricando the smartphone (both wired and with MagSafe) and the temperature rises too much.

You’ve probably noticed this when you are driving: Charging and navigation are heating iPhone from the inside and the sun through the windshield warms from the outside. Or it could happen if you are doing particularly intense activities (a complex 3D game, for example) while charging.

Apple in the notification explains that the “charging will resume when iPhone returns to normal temperature“. Usually this happens by waiting: the system stops charging and waits for it to cool, to avoid compromising the internal components (including the battery itself).

To prevent this from happening, if you are in a car and use Apple CarPlay, make sure that your smartphone is not in direct sunlight (leave it in a glove box or on the passenger seat). You can do this even if you use the iPhone screen for directions: just turn on the audio directions and follow those instead of the map.

To lower the temperature you can also:

  • close all non-essential appsespecially those that use cellular data
  • decrease the brightness
  • activate the mode energy saving
  • In extreme cases, activate the flight mode o switch off iPhone directly

Limiting the use of the iPhone to cool it down is not something we will gladly do. To make sure it lasts as long as possible, it’s best to avoid ignoring these warnings and keep temperatures low.