Charging the iPhone at night ruins the battery: TikTok video

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Charge your iPhone overnight is a common habit for many iOS users. It is a fairly common habit, in fact, to sleep with a charger close at hand so that you can wake up with your smartphone fully charged. Yet this habit doesn’t seem to be healthy, at least according to the TikTok user Shomes – Shoandtech -. In fact, a viral video on the platform shows that we don’t know how to charge our iPhone. Let’s see why.

Charging the iPhone: A viral video on TikTok demonstrates how it’s done

Shomes’ video on TikTok reveals that we are used to charging our iPhone incorrectly. The user owns a iPhone 13 Pro with a maximum battery capacity of 100%, despite having it since September 2021. And the same goes for yours iPhone 12 Pro, definitely older. The secret? It rarely charges the smartphone overnight.

An optimal result if we consider that, even with the optimized charging of the iPhone, the device is destined for lose approximately 10% of the maximum battery capacity in a year. Apple says the battery “is designed to maintain up to 80 percent of its original capacity at 500 full charge cycles when operating under normal conditions,” but the night charging accelerates this degradation.

In more detail, Apple describes a complete charge cycle when a user has used an amount equal to 100% of the battery capacity. So you can use 75% of the battery capacity one day and then recharge it completely overnight, so that 25% of it can be used the next day. And this is equivalent to one charge cycle. A cycle every other dayinstead, it implies that the battery will drop to below 80% in less than three years. Charging the iPhone during the eight hours of the night, therefore, only puts more stress on the battery.

And here is Shomes’ advice: charge your smartphone when you need it. If when you go to bed you have a charge equal to 40/50%, leave it alone. And maybe charge it the next day, when the battery charge is indicated in red. This way you will have the iPhone charged, and the battery saves.