ChatGPT also comes in sex toys, and does not kink-shaming

ChatGPT arriva anche nei sex toys, e non fa kink-shaming thumbnail

From streaming to video chat, there is no modern technology that hasn’t made its triumphant entry into the sex industry at some point. So, it seemed like only a matter of time before someone would develop a generative artificial intelligence capable of whispering spicy words directly from the cloud.

loveperhaps the best known manufacturer of remote controllable sex toysannounced this week his “Pleasure Companion” based on ChatGPT and connected to one of the company’s flagship sex toys.

ChatGPT enters the world of sex toys, Lovense AI arrives

Lovesense sex toys use an app to control sex toys remotely, using the user’s preferred settings. Within the app, users can now find l’Advanced Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companionwhich promises to make the experience more immersive.

Indeed, Lovesense invites you to immerse yourself in juicy and erotic stories created by the Companion himself, based on the topic that the user has selected. Lovers of erotic stories and even those who have never discovered this side of the world of fiction can take advantage of ChatGPT to explore their fantasies.

Once the topics have been chosen, the Companion will come to life, narrating the story while controlling your Lovense toy. This way, he will adjust the toy according to the highlights of the story. Hoping that, when the story reaches its narrative climax, the user also reaches the maximum emotion.

Digital fantasies

Given a few parameters about what you want to hear, a voice will take users on a journey deep into the imagination. Users can choose the type of story they want: romantic or sensual, juicy or spicy. They can select the protagonists and the physical location in which this fantasy will take place. In short, they can ask ChatGPT to create their ideal fantasy – and also to adjust the sex toy accordingly. You can see the demonstration (only of the technological aspect) in the video below by Lovesense.

The most obvious advantage lies in being able create a story tailored to the user. You can ask for old-fashioned romance plots, cyber-fantasies with drones and aliens, 50s-style romantic comedies or hardcore fantasies of all kinds. ChatGPT does not do kink-shaming.

Of course, this is all a way for Lovense to promote the sale of more remote-controllable toys. The company promises that “the more intense the story, the louder and faster the toy will respond.”

“Now ours Advanced Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companion it allows you to tailor-make any story you want, to embody any of your fantasies or dreams, and immerse yourself completely in it,” he said. Dan Liu, CEO of Lovense, in a statement reported by TechCrunch. “With the help of our partner, you can now create any kind of story and explore your sexuality and limits completely independently.”

The company describes the technology as “still in beta” and says it’s available exclusively on the app Lovense Remotefree for all app users.

Perhaps this novelty it will not revolutionize the sex toy market, which in any case is more prosperous than ever: at the end of last year it was worth over 600 million euros. Nor will it leave the writers of erotic stories out of work, who will continue to abound in all the nooks and crannies of the web. But it’s a way to spice up Lovesense’s remotely controllable sex toys. And for many users, it will be an excuse to try out the new feature – all for the love of technology (almost literally).

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