In arrivo la versione premium di ChatGPT a 42 dollari al mese. O forse no thumbnail

ChatGPT can be integrated to apps via API and will implement Whisper text-to-speech

OpenAI, the company that made the artificial intelligence bot ChatGPTannounced that it allows third-party developers to integrate the bot into their apps via a’API. Doing so will be much cheaper than using the already existing language models. Open AI chose Whisper as its AI-powered speech-to-text model.

OpenAI announces an API for ChatGPT

OpenAI claims that It’s an API in ChatGPT can be used for more than just building an AI-powered chat interface, although it also highlights several companies that have used it for that purpose, including Snap’s My AI feature, announced earlier in this week.

The model, however, does not seem to be the same used by Bing di Microsoftdefined as a new next-generation language model that is faster and more accurate than ChatGPT and GPT-3.5.

OpenAI insists that its chatbot is definitely a lot cheaper than others, thanks in part to a number of system-level optimizations. Furthermore, the firm is offering 1,000 tokens for $0.002 (tokens are the blocks of text into which the system splits sentences and words to predict what text it should produce next).

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So, according to what was said, the phrase “ChatGPT is great!” accept six tokens. Its API splits it into “Chat”, “G”, “PT”, “is”, “awesome” and finally “!”. The company provides a tool to check how many tokens will be needed to interpret a string of text and claims that a token generally corresponds to 4 characters in English.

ChatGPT, its Whisper text-to-speech model

How does the new ChatGPT text-to-speech model work? It is possible to use it to transcribe or translate an audio at a cost of $0.006 per minute. Available for free, but there is a paid premium version for faster and longer transcriptions.

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