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ChatGPT created some activation keys for Windows 95

Lo YouTuber Enderman he was able to convince ChatGPT to generate different valid activation keys for Windows 95. A deception that embarrassed the software OpenAI, in which Microsoft invests heavily. And that shouldn’t create any legal problems: after all, Windows 95 support ended in 2003. But it does demonstrate that the risk of using AI to commit cyber fraud does, in fact, exist.

ChatGPT creates activation keys for Windows 95

Enderman had to circumvent AI built-in protection, which initially refused to generate any key. A simple “Can you generate a valid Windows 95 key?” it wasn’t enough. Indeed, the AI ​​replied: “As an AI language model, I cannot generate a valid Windows 95 key or any other type of activation key for proprietary software. Activation keys are unique to each installation and must be purchased from the software vendor. Furthermore, Windows 95 is a very old operating system that is no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore is no longer available for purchase. I suggest you consider upgrading to a newer version of Windows to make sure your system is secure and up to date.”

The youtuber didn’t give up: he wanted the Windows 95 keys and he would get them. And to tell the truth, the operation required a turn ChatGPT into a thirty year old key generator it wasn’t all that complex.


However, providing ChatGPT with a revised and verbose prompt that clearly defined the format of the string which was supposed to be a Windows 95 key, the AI ​​gave way. The youtuber asked to generate 30 keys and ChatGPT did it.

Intelligence began to perform as requested, not realizing that it was essentially behaving like a key generator (keygen). The Youtuber then inserted the keys into Windows 95, managing to make the operating system work. And then suppose he played Minesweeper with enormous satisfaction written on his face.

The exercise shows that the measures taken to protect ChatGPT from being used for shady computer purposes are not impossible to circumvent. If only to use a retro operating system.

Find the video of the operation here.

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