In arrivo la versione premium di ChatGPT a 42 dollari al mese. O forse no thumbnail

ChatGPT Plus – the paid version of the conversational bot. Here are prices and availability

There are no more doubts: OpenAI confirmed the officialization of ChatGPT Plus, a monthly subscription with premium services for using the intelligence chatbot that responds in a creative and natural way. Here is the price of the subscription and from when it will be possible to use the premium service.

ChatGPT Plus: price and availability of the premium service

Starting in the next few weeks and starting in the United States, to then arrive all over the world. ChatGPT Plus is the monthly subscription with premium service offered by OpenAI which it will cost $20 a monthaimed at those who want certain high performance from technology.

There are many i benefits offered by the premium service: access to ChatGPT even during peak hours, obtaining faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements. In general, ChatGPT Plus will serve a wide range of professional cases, such as content editing and editing, brain-storming of ideas, assisting with programming, and enabling learning of new topics. Just fill in a modulo made available by OpenAI and in this way you will automatically become part of the waiting list.

In addition to ChatGPT Plus, the free version of the chatbot will always be available, as stated in the company’s official blog. The latter also hints at plans for the future.

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Future plans of ChatGPT

The intention is to continue finalize the offer, based on the feedback received from those who will use both the premium and free services. The possibility of introducing other subscriptions, such as low-cost plans and business plans, is not excluded.

The Twitter Blue annual subscription

Even Twitter has decided to introduce paid services: we are talking about Twitter Blue, an annual subscription that complements the monthly one. Whether you subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription, the services are and will always remain those provided, including the famous blue check, now the prerogative of anyone who is regularly registered on the social network and the service.

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