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ChatGPT, the block in Italy suspended if it adopts the measures requested by the Guarantor

The Privacy Guarantor suspends the block to ChatGPT in Italyif the company OpenAI will decide to fulfill the requests of the Authority by April 30th. The Guarantor requests transparent information, explaining the use of the data processed and the rights of the users. Furthermore, during registration, users will have to confirm that they are of legal age.

ChatGPT, block in Italy suspended (if OpenAI accepts the conditions)

According to the Guarantor, ChatGPT will have until April 30 to modify its information for users, in order to comply with the rules decided by the Authority. “Only then, as the reasons for urgency no longer exist, will the Authority suspend the provision for the provisional limitation of the processing of Italian users’ data taken against the US company and ChatGPT will be able to become accessible again from Italy” writes the Guarantor.

The provision asks OpenAI to “prepare and make available on its website transparent information, which explains the methods and logic underlying the processing of data necessary for the functioning of ChatGPT as well as the rights attributed to users and non-user interested parties”.

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The Guarantor requests that OpenAI make the information accessible. And ask for approval when a user registers. Furthermore, it asks that before doing so, the company asks for confirmation that the users are of legal age. For those who have already registered, the information must appear on the first access after the “unblocking” of ChatGPT in our country.

The Guarantor continues by asking that, by 30 September 2023 at the latest, an age verification system should also arrive to exclude users under 13 or minors without parental permission. And he wants it to be possible to decide not to provide the data. Finally, he also asks that OpenAI carry out an advertising campaign by May 15 to explain to people how to exploit these rights.

It remains to be seen whether OpenAI will decide to accept these conditions. For the moment, ChatGPT remains inaccessible in our country.


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