ChatGPT writes a bill to regulate AI in Italy

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Samuel Smart, councils of the PD in the Lombardy Region, has filed a bill to regulate AI in Italy – a written proposal by ChatGPT. The politician wanted to provoke, depositing the creation of artificial intelligence at the Pirellone OpenAItoday at the center of attention of the Privacy Guarantor.

ChatGPT writes a law to regulate AI in Italy

“Can you write a regional law that regulates the use of artificial intelligence?” councilor Astuti asked ChatGPT, to then deposit the result in the Lombardy Region. The politician and his parliamentary group, to be honest, have also filed a draft law written by the councillorsi of the Democratic Party in the region. A drawing that arrived after discussing with the professor Luca Marifull professor of the engineering school of the Cattaneo-Liuc University.

According to Astuti, the result of ChatGPT follows more or less the same reasoning, rather complex. As in reality one might expect from an artificial intelligence that has reworked the results published online on a probabilistic basis: it is not surprising thatfollow the thread of the experts’ discourse. Even if the quality of the result made Lombard politicians stupid.

The points that the bot highlights primarily concern the theme of transparency: you need to know if and when you talk to a chatbot. But it also touches on the gigantic topic of privacy and of responsibility of what is written, arriving to discuss the bias related to the data used for training.

The provocation comes at a time when the Privacy Guarantor has blocked the use of ChatGPT until it clarifies some points on privacy and access of minor users. A measure that other European organizations seem to intend to follow.

It therefore seems clear that a bill is needed – perhaps written by an AIbut with the responsibility and control of a human (and political) intelligence.