ChatGPT’s written speech that fooled the Danish parliament

Il discorso scritto da ChatGPT che ha ingannato il parlamento danese thumbnail

A long and passionate speech, received with emphasis by the parliament. Then the final sentence: “What I just read to you, I didn’t write. What I have just read to you was not written by a human being”. We are in Denmarkwhere the premier Mette Frederiksen he read to his colleagues a speech written by ChatGPT, the most popular generative AI in the world.

Frederiksen wanted to test ChatGpt’s ability to write a political speech based on the government work schedule. The result was, in reality, a rather banal and generic text, but also convincing and passionate. We could define it as the triumph of populism.

Denmark, the premier’s speech written by ChatGPT

The speech written by ChatGpt contained sentences such as: “It was an honor and a challenge to lead a large government in the last parliamentary year”; “We have worked hard to cooperate between parties and ensure a strong and sustainable future for Denmark”; “We have taken steps to fight climate change and ensure a more equitable and inclusive society in which all citizens have equal opportunities”; and “Even though we’ve faced challenges and resistance along the way, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together over the last parliamentary year.”

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“Even if he hasn’t always got it right, both in terms of the details of the government’s work program and punctuation … it is fascinating and terrifying what he is able to do,” commented the premier after unveiling the origin of his words.

Frederiksen’s intent was not only to amaze his colleagues, but also to raise awareness of the impact of generative artificial intelligence on society, especially children. In fact, ChatGpt not only knows how to write political speeches, but also poems, themes, essays and newspaper articles (feeding the risk of disinformation and fake news).

Denmark is one of the most digitized countries in Europe and the world, with a high rate of use of artificial intelligence in companies and public administration. After all, the Synthetic Party, the first party led by an artificial intelligencealbeit with limited success.

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