Cheap Christmas gifts: our tips under 20 euros

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Do excellent Christmas gifts under 20 euros it does not mean being some sort of evolved ninja of this business. In reality, it is just a matter of choosing the gift carefully and fearlessly throwing yourself into the field of original gifts. Haven’t you mastered the discipline yet? Here we are ready with a list of cheap Christmas gifts for all needs.

Cheap Christmas gifts under 20 euros: a mini guide

The first rule of cheap Christmas gifts it is “open mind”. First of all why spend less than 20 euros it does not necessarily mean finding useless things and, secondly, because by daring you will get the best results.
Now that we have the rules of the game clear, let’s go!

Trivial Pursuit di Friends

The very famous game Trivial Pursuit arrives customized for all fans of the serie tv Friends. The quick-play quiz has 600 questions that will entertain and stimulate even the most intelligent enthusiasts. Fascinating and captivating questions that will test your knowledge of puzzles and memory. On sale for only 17,80 euro.

The Yogurella di Ariete

Practice Yoogurella di Ariete it is a small machine that allows you to prepare it homemade yogurt, as you prefer: with skimmed, whole, organic, soy milk. By adding fruit, sugar, honey or jam according to taste, this is the perfect gift idea for lovers of yogurt and home made preparations.

Cheap Christmas gifts: Thor’s hammer

cheap christmas gifts

The perfect thought for lovers of Marvel superhero Thor, is thebottle opener in the shape of a hammer. A very nice gadget but also very useful for beer lovers. A gift to accompany a Marvel movie marathon on Disney +. Thor’s hammer costs 14,99 euro.

The Star Wars power bank

Fans of the saga of Star Wars they are always happy to receive a themed gift. This Christmas you could opt for the power bank, a portable, light and compact battery with 4 LEDs, to charge your devices outside the home. Here we get right to 20,08 euro.

Christmas snacks

At Christmas, even baskets and packages with delicacies to taste are popular gifts. Pralina has thought of boxes with 6 jars of sauces to be enjoyed on bruschetta, canapés and to dress Christmas dishes and organize gourmet aperitifs. For lovers of good food it is an excellent gift, only discounted 18,99 euro.

Cheap Christmas gifts: the table vacuum cleaner

cheap christmas gifts

A mini table vacuum cleaner it is the fun and useful gift for all those who particularly care about cleaning. Suitable for vacuuming crumbs and also for car seats. It costs 10 euro and it is the gift that no one expects.

Christmas gifts under 20 euros: the piggy bank

Christmas gift

Among the cheap Christmas gifts there is no shortage of piggy bank. Our favorites are that digital, that count the moneyand gradually insert them and the one with the kitten who steals the dime. The second is particularly fun and also suitable for children.

Amazon Echo Flex

To make every room in the house more tech you need Echo Flex. With integrated plug allows to use Alexa in more rooms. We recommend that you give it as a gift to those who already own an Echo device, to enhance its range and have the Alexa intelligent assistant always at hand.

Christmas gift ideas: the 2022 agenda

A classic Christmas gift are the schedule, a good omen for the new year. On Amazon all Moleskine products are on sale, but you can also find beautiful diaries from other brands. Weekly, daily, colorful or minimal. Those of are also great Harry Potter, to you the choice.

Hat with Bluetooth headphones

Have you ever seen the hair with Bluetooth headphones integrated? A great gift idea for Christmas, it is warm, soft and allows you to listen to music. With USB rechargeable battery with only 1.5 hours of charging time, it provides up to 100 hours of standby time or 8-10 hours of talk time or music playback. Curious and surprising, the perfect gift for this Christmas.

Cheap Christmas Gifts: Socks

christmas gift fancy socks

Stockings are the classic Christmas gift. If once they corresponded to a sad and somewhat kitschy gift, now i socks with fantasy fun and bold are in fashion. With geometric designs, emojis, works of art, there are lots of them, very warm, comfortable and beautiful. They are cheap and very popular.

Gift your Audible subscription

Although there is no gift card that allows to give away Audible, you can pay the subscription for your loved ones. The first 6 months cost only one euro per month. A beautiful gift, for unlimited listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

The Christmas gift for cats

cat christmas gift

For your furry friends, or dear cat lovers, the best Christmas gift is the Crosses game kit. The set consists of a scratching post, a wand and assorted toys packaged in a beautiful gift box to put under the tree. It costs 14.99 euros and it’s a cute and tender idea for cats.

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