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Cheap dedicated servers: what they are and when they are worthwhile

If you want to open any business on the web, you need a server. In this article we will see how and why it is convenient to use cheap dedicated servers

What are cheap dedicated servers? Any activity on the net, whether it is local within your organization or public on the web, it must run on a server. The server is nothing more than a computer on which your programs run and your files are located. A website is nothing more than a file on a server, downloaded and read by the browser. End. Normally what you do to open a website is to rely on a hosting service who rents us the virtual “portion” of a server shared with others. This is not always good though and may make you prefer cheap dedicated servers instead.

Cheap dedicated servers: what they are and when they are worthwhile

Why choose cheap dedicated servers?

Renting or buying a dedicated server means having a physical machine completely dedicated only to our interests. This first of all one greater safety and stability because we will be the only ones to operate on the machine and if something goes wrong, we will already know where to put our hands to solve. But also in terms of performance because not only do we not have to share the hardware with others, but there will also be no need for the virtualization layer that takes away resources.

We can then organize and manage the server as we please, without limits due to sharing with other subjects. On the other hand, we have to make do on our own very often, while host services offer many ancillary services. Average costs can be higher even for cheap dedicated servers. So choose this solution if you have a need for high standards of safety and performance.

Cheap dedicated servers: what they are and when they are worthwhile

When can it come in handy?

Let’s see some practical examples of when you might find cheap dedicated servers useful. For example to make gods sandbox. If software development is done in your company, it must be thoroughly tested. The sandbox is an environment generally isolated from the normal development environment that allows us to test potentially destructive changes, without however affecting the already functioning system. It is a widely used tool in software development in proof-of-concept phases.

Another application could be the one in the web environment. If you have a big website – for example an e-commerce – or manage multiple websites together, a dedicated server is the ideal solution. In fact, it guarantees better performance and greater safety. In the case of multiple websites it is probably even more cost-effective.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can host gods game server like Minecraft to build your community of players.

Cheap dedicated servers: what they are and when they are worthwhile

But is it worth renting cheap dedicated servers?

There is no single answer. It depends if you really need a powerful machine all to yourself. But suppose you need it. Let’s do a couple of maths. On OVHcloud, a well-known service for renting cheap dedicated servers, renting a machine with Intel Xeon-D 2141L (8C / 16T), 64 GB of ECC RAM and 1 TB of SSD costs 67.99 euros per month. The purchase of an equivalent product can cost up to 4000 euros. Means that amortization therefore takes about 5 years. It is not very little considering how technology evolves today. By renting, however, you can upgrade at any time. So we could say that in many cases it can be very affordable! That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!