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Check C19: the app arrives to check the Green Pass

The new decree to combat Covid pays off the Green Pass is mandatory for many services and activities: the government therefore presented l’app VerificaC19, which allows you to carry out the checks. From 6 August he will check the documentation vaccinal for those who want to sit inside in bar e restaurants. As well as outdoor shows, spas, swimming pools, gyms, fairs, congresses, competitions, cinemas and theaters.

Check C19, the new app to check the Green Pass

The new decree launched by the Draghi government wanted to transform the Green Pass into an access card not only for travelers but also for those who want to participate in numerous activities. In fact, from 6 August we will be able to use the document for many public activities and to access many services. In this way we will be able to demonstrate our vaccination status, recovery from Covid-19 or a negative swab before entering indoor bars and restaurants, among many other activities.

We remind you that the Green Pass can be issued:

  • 15 days after the first vaccine dose and remains valid until the date of administration of the second
  • at the conclusion of the vaccination cycle, issued immediately and valid for 9 months
  • with a certificate of healing, valid for 6 months
  • after a negative buffer, valid for 48 hours

verificac19 green pass

The Green Pass has a QR code that indicates vaccination (or healing or swab) status. So far only some categories (for example airports) could read the code, limiting other operators to a little effective visual control. But now the Ministry of Health developed through Sogei a smartphone application that allows those who have to check to be safe. Also because offenders can receive fines ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros, both the customer and the merchant (who at the third “strike” risks up to ten days of closure of the activity).

How the new app works

L’app VerificaC19 it can only be used by those authorized to check green certifications. Therefore, all law enforcement agencies, managers of clubs such as restaurants, gyms, museums and all others who have the obligation to have a Green Pass will be able to download it. So:

  • I public officials
  • The staff who carry out inspection services entertainment and show activities in places open to the public or in public establishments (registered in the list as per article 3, paragraph 8, of law no. 94 of 15 July 2009)
  • Who manages accommodation in which the Green Pass obligation applies
  • The owner of the premises where activities are planned that require certification
  • The managers of health and welfare activities can ask visitors

To verify the Green Pass, merchants will only have to give permission to use the camera to the app and then frame the QR code of the customer’s certification, whether on paper or on a smartphone. The software developed by Sogei then extracts the information necessary to proceed with the check by verifying the digital signature.

The signal will be of the graphic type: a green signal if the Green Pass is in order and a red one if it is not or has expired. The app also shows name, surname and date of birth of the subject. In this way the merchant can check the user’s identity by asking to expose a document.

None of the extracted data will be saved by the app or stored on the device, in order to comply with current privacy regulations.

The Ministry Manual for using Verification C19

The use of the application is meant to be simple and immediate, so that the checks are carried out quickly by the merchants. But to be sure of the regulations and to be able to respond to any perplexity of users, we advise those who have an activity to give an in-depth reading (there are about twenty pages) to the Manual that the Ministry of Health has made available for Verification C19.

You can download the CheckC19 application for the Green Pass checks at the links below.

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