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Check Point Software analyzes cyber threats to gamers

Check Point Software found what are the main cyber threats related to the gaming sector. The gaming industry is constantly growing and, inevitably, it also attracts the attention of a growing number of cybercriminals. Here are all the details on the investigation:

Many cyber threats for gamers: the point of Check Point Software

Check Point Software highlights how the cyber threats to gamers are manifold. Cybercriminals will search for di sell virtual assets for real money or even of steal games directly, taking advantage of the possibility of taking control of accounts that are not adequately protected.

Note that through online stores, cybercriminals may attempt to obtain as much information as possible about users, bringing to sign true and propriidentity theft or bank fraud. The damage in this case could be significant.

For this reason, Check Point Software points out, it is important rely on two-factor authentication and beware of phishing. Furthermore, we must pay a lot beware of promises “too good to be true” that could, in fact, hide phishing attempts or malware attacks.

Marco Fanuli, Security Engineer Team Leader di Check Point Softwaredeclares: “Gaming is
becoming more and more popular and, by playing daily, it is very easy for a user to turn down
guard. The main problem is that cybercriminals are always ready and never miss a chance to strike; therefore, you must be very careful even when playing online ”

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