Check Point Software’s opinion on the recent global ransomware attack

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Check Point Softwarea leading cybersecurity company, commented on the recent global ransowmare attack. The cyber attack on the Italian infrastructure is very different from the attacks that the daily news usually tells us, with damages and data breaches aimed at private organizations. This ransomware attack has a potential impact that could impact the entire citizenry, causing disruption nationwide, or even globally.

Check Point Software and the Global Ransowmare Attack. Here are the details

“The possible disservices, on which we depend, and which have occurred in these hours, are to be attributed precisely to this enormous ransomware attack, a growing threat not only in Italy, but throughout the world. Back in July, our threat intelligence agency, Check Point Research, reported a 59% year-over-year increase in ransomware globally.

Considering this huge growth and the attack reported yesterday, it is good to reiterate that, in this digital age, defending and preventing cyber threats must be the number one priority of institutions, organizations and private users. A cybersecurity strategy that involves everyone, from the individual citizen to the top government is absolutely vital.”

This is it said Pierluigi Torriani, Security Engineering Manager at Check Point Software Technologies.

Check Point Software, Windows machines and more

The recent massive cyberattack on servers ESXi it is considered the largest cyber attack ever reported a non-Windows machines. Making matters even more concerning is the fact that until recently, ransomware attacks were limited to Windows-based machines.

Ransomware threat actors have realized how crucial i server Linux for the systems of entities and organizations. This certainly prompted them to invest in developing such a powerful cyber weapon and to make ransomware so sophisticated.

According to what was analyzed by the Check Point Software research team, the ransomware attack did not stop only at the Italian IT infrastructure. Cybercriminals have exploited CVE-2021-21974a flaw already reported in February 2021.

But what can make the impact even more devastating is the use of these servers, on which other virtual servers are usually running. So, the damage is probably widespread on a large scale, more than we can imagine.

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