Chocobo GP: from 2022 it will be on Nintendo Switch

Chocobo GP: dal 2022 sarà su Nintendo Switch thumbnail

SQUARE ENIX® has announced that Chocobo GP, a new kart racing video game set in the Chocobo universe, will arrive on Nintendo Switch ™ in 2022.

This will mean that it will soon be time to cross the finish line at tuttogas as the friendly characters of the franchise, such as Chocobo, which gives its name to the game, and his friends.

Chocobo GP will challenge players on circuits set in well-known locations from the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY® series. In this new adventure, Chocobo and his friends will compete in a racing championship to receive an incredible reward – whatever they want!

Chocobo GP: many possibilities to play

The game will include a lot of exciting features, including:

● Various game modes: You will be able to try various modes, such as Story or Race
personalized. You will also be able to have fun in the single-elimination survival contests, which
supports up to 64 players. Some modes will also have local or online multiplayer.

● Exciting Circuits: You will compete on various tracks inspired by the series
Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY, including Cid Test Track, Alexandria and Zozo Streets
and the Gold Saucer.

● Unforgettable characters: You can choose from a variety of characters from the series

● Magilite magic: if you collect the magilite inside the magic eggs scattered around the various tracks, you can
get spells, such as Ignis and Aero, to use against other pilots to get a
advantage and reach the finish line at full throttle.

The launch trailer

A minute of acceleration, overtaking, evolutions and moments as funny as they are indecipherable. But all with one goal, from characters to players: to win the largest number of races to prove to be the strongest and fastest on the various tracks available.