Christmas gifts for children: techprincess’s ideas for Christmas

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I Christmas gifts for children are the ones to choose with more care. For the little ones this holiday has a magical aura and is a special moment. The joy that children give when they unpack gifts, all smiling and full of expectations. The important is choose the right gift, the one that exceeds their expectations and makes them jump with emotion. If you don’t know how to find suitable baby gifts to impress her, we can help you.

Gifts for children for a Christmas full of love

Seeing the happiness of children on Christmas day fills adults with joy and even nostalgia. The memories of the gifts and sweets that awaited us under the tree are indelible and magical. To give this wonderful feeling to the little ones too, here are our tips for Christmas gifts for children.

Christmas gifts for tech kids: the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

If you want to give a gift to a little girl or boy who owns the console Nintendo Switch, the ideal is a kit Nintendo Labo. With this gift, kids can turn cardboard sheets into interactive creations called Toy-Con, designed to work with the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-con controllers. They will be able to assemble a wearable robot suit, and by inserting the left and right Joy-cons into the slots on the backpack and in the visor, take control of a robot.

A Remote Control Dinosaur Toy

This remote controlled T-rex dinosaur it can walk, shine, move its mouth, spray water mist and roar. The ideal toy to stimulate the creativity of the little ones, who will be able to imagine great adventures and adrenaline-pumping stories with their new friend T-rex.

The Bluetooth speaker for children

The speakers Bluetooth Planet Buddies easily connect to any Bluetooth 5.0 device, including iPhone or Android smartphone, tablet within a range of 10 meters. Excellent as speakers for indoors or outdoors, for listening to music, audio books. Planet Buddies wireless speakers have a design with animals designed for educate children about environmental problems and endangered species.

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Christmas gifts for children: the interactive storyteller

Off the screens, room for imagination. With La Fabbrica delle Storie you can choose the different elements that will make up the story: a hero, a companion, a place and an object. This small device, similar to a radio, allows children to become protagonists of the stories. With 48 stories included in the package and hundreds of other stories to download from the luniistore, to surprise the children with a decidedly original gift.

A teaching robot as a Christmas present

On Amazon is available the robot teacher. A fun toy that teaches all basic skills step by step: reading, writing, counting and drawing. The robot with mechanical arm is equipped with 70 interactive cards, 2 markers, to develop logic, drawing, creativity, empathy, playing. Children love robots and interactive games.

Bluetooth headphones for children

Among the most useful baby gifts are the Bluetooth headphones. Our favorites are the ones with kitten ears, even more cute and fun. These are headphones safe for the delicate ears of the little ones. No matter how long they watch movies or listen to music, the volume limiter will prevent any hearing damage. You will surely impress.

Christmas gifts for children: a dip in virtual reality

Children spend many hours playing video games, with Heromask, a virtual reality viewer, mathematics will prevail. It is a shooting game modified to motivate learning by replacing violence with education. Children are also fascinated and intrigued by these news, so they will be even more motivated to play and learn with virtual reality.

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The manual of the 50 adventures to live before the age of 13

A fun book full of stimuli and motivations. The manual of 50 adventures to live before the age of 13 it is a real treat for children. A sort of presentation of their future, a series of challenges and experiences that invite you to put yourself to the test. Lots of activities to do all together, in a single booklet.

Gifts for children: innovative balloon

here is the compressed air “soccer” ball, safe for children. Thanks to the soft side, kicking on the side is painless. It is quality and safe material. The rubber is thick and prevents it from being damaged when kicked or hit, protecting the furniture. Equipped with rechargeable batteries and charging cable. There are several ways to exploit it: aerial football adopts the principle of hockey and football, offering different ways to have fun.

An educational gift: English lessons

Knowledge of the English language today is one of the essential skills to face the world of tomorrow. Novakid’s classes are the perfect educational gift for this Christmas. A fun way to help boys and girls improve their English. The service is aimed at students aged between four and twelve, the teachers of the school are all native speakers and certified for teaching. The learning system includes a purely digital curriculum with 360-degree virtual tours, classroom games, and creative assignments that encourage even the youngest to learn a new language.

The tech paper airplane

If you want to make an original gift and surprise then here is the solution. Take a sheet of paper, fold it and go! Here is a smartphone controlled paper airplane performing high speed stunts. The Bluetooth module, which includes autopilot control, connects to your phone so you can experience the sensation of flying with countless models of paper, foam and even balsa wood planes. The paper airplane’s onboard computer automatically calibrates for suboptimal weather conditions, with a built-in launch assist system and wind stabilizer.

Gifts for children: a drone with a camera for Christmas

A drone equipped with a camera is a bit of everyone’s dream, young and old. Can be controlled with a smartphone and with all the instructions for use, in order to make it safer and less dangerous. Fly, spy, land, do just what you tell him. In the hands of the children, we imagine that you will have to expect the most treats and treats.

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Super Mario also arrives for Christmas lunch

On Christmas day, prepare an extra seat at the table, it arrives Super Mario with his radio-controlled Vespa. A fun and definitely appreciated gift idea. Kids love radio controlled stuff and they love Super Mario, can there be a more successful combo? The Vespa has batteries and is easy to maneuver, to play in company and compete with other children.

Christmas gifts for kids: Osmo learning games

Among the most popular baby gifts are learning games. This Christmas give away an Osmo kit. All the brand’s products combine the physical and digital world, thanks to the use of tablets, loved by all children, and some accessories that stimulate the tactile and practical interaction that the little ones need. Designed for ages 6-10, this set includes everything they need to experience learning.

LEGO set of Mario and Luigi

I set LEGO are among the most classic and timeless gifts for children ever. In fact, they give Christmas an extra touch, involving the whole family. How about building all together the Super Mario or Luigi starter pack? So that he can then recreate all the adventures of the two men who are so fond of the children.

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