Christmas gifts for gamers: video games, gadgets and accessories

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What do you get a gamer for Christmas?, to the avid gamer in your family, to that friend who leaves the house with the controller? Don’t panic. We have collected some interesting ideas for you, so you can surprise even the most demanding gamer.

Christmas gifts for gamers

Let’s start from an important assumption: you don’t necessarily have to give a game to a gamer. Yes, we have a selection of those too but know that nothing prevents you from focusing on gadgets and accessories, especially if you don’t want to risk buying a title you already have.
But let’s not quibble any further and dive right into our list.

A portable SSD for PC gamers

PC lovers often have a big problem: space.
Game after game the computer’s memory fills up and it becomes necessary to delete something. And this is where you come in, with a WD_Black P40 Game Drive, an external SSD that allows you to take your game library anywhere, leaving your PC memory free.

The 9watts insignia

Let’s face it: everyone likes colored lights, especially gamers.
So why not gift them a custom LED sign to use to light up the room at night or as a background for any live on Twitch? You can easily order it on site of 9watts.

Logitech G502 X Plus

Does your trusted gamer love competitive titles? Then he needs the right mouse. Our choice fell on Logitech G502 X Plus: Hybrid switches, ultra-precise HERO 25K sensor, lightweight design and all the convenience of wireless connectivity.

Logitech G413 SE

Standard size, wear and heat resistant keycaps, tactile and anti-ghosting mechanical switches: Logitech G413 SE will delight the recipient of this gift. And yes, there is also LED lighting for those who love night gaming.

ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless

We’re used to thinking about gaming on PCs and consoles, but a good portion of people love to play on smartphones and tablets. So why not give them some gaming earphones? ASUS offers the ROG Cetra True wireless: light, with active noise cancellation, low latency connection and about 27 hours of battery life.


The writing desk current doesn’t suit gaming? Well, it changes! Dripex offers one dedicated to gamers, in waterproof carbon fiber, with a cup holder, a controller holder and an extra-large mat.

MSI Optix MEG381CQR Plus

Ok, it’s not the cheapest monitor on the market but if the home gamer is super demanding then MSI Optix MEG381CQR Plus will be able to satisfy him: 37.5-inch curved panel, UltraHD resolution, 175 Hz refresh rate and G-Sync compatibility. He lacks nothing.

A digital escape room

M4RT3! is the online escape room of the Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. A super cheap gift – a code costs 10 euros – which however will allow you to spend time together in an attempt to solve 10 puzzles inspired by the Italian astronomer Schiapparelli.
The perfect alternative to the Christmas bingo.

Yes, but video games?

FIFA 23 review career ted lapse

But of course we have those too!
The options here are quite a lot, starting from the classic FIFA 23. Perfect for football lovers, for those who want to rewrite the history of the 2022 World Cup, for those who love online clashes with friends.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for adventure then you have to jump on God of War Ragnarok, available exclusively on PlayStatyion 5 and PlayStation 4. The great return of Kratos and his son Atreus, ready to take you back to the discovery of Norse mythology.

Elder Ring is perhaps the best candidate for the title of Game of the Year, or Game of the year. The ideal game for those who want a long-lived title, for those who love role-playing games and above all for those who are not afraid of difficulties.

Equally adventurous and long-lived it is Horizon Forbidden West, another must-see PlayStation exclusive. An incredible journey to a fascinating and engaging world and story that allows you to step back into the shoes of one of our favorite heroines, Aloy.

If the home gamer is a fan of Star Wars you can surprise him with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. A fun and interactive way to relive the entire main Star Wars saga, meeting heroes and villains of all kinds, from Luke Skywalker to Kylo Ren, from Darth Vader to Poe Dameron.

Pokémon Violet and Pokémon Scarlet are the last chapters of the series. And yes, we know, they have received some criticism but hey, there is still all the magic of Pokémon, and above all a vast open world to explore at your leisure.

It’s a bit atypical but quite interesting. We are talking about Stray, the game that turns you into a cat. Yes, you read right. Unusual but the game will amaze you.

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