Chrome creates a fund to finance web developers

Chrome crea un fondo per finanziare gli sviluppatori del Web thumbnail

Over the last few years, Google Chrome has invested heavily in new technologies, also adding new features to the Web – such as File System Access and WebTransport -. The credit, according to the company itself, goes not only to the internal work teams, but also to the developer communities “who have created a strong ecosystem of APIs, tools, demonstration apps and other materials”. Precisely for this, Chrome has launched Advanced Web Apps Fund, a “new fund to support the web as a platform for advanced apps”. A further step towards modern technology. And the talent of the developers who populate the Net.

Advanced Web Apps Fund, so Chrome supports developers

Google Chrome officially launches the Advanced Web Apps Fund, a fund to support developers of advanced apps. With this specific term, the tech giant defines “websites with an App-like interface and significant client-side functionality”. More specifically, here is a list of projects that Chrome seems interested in:

  • New Features – for example, a WebSQL override through WebAssembly
  • Libraries and tools that make it easier to create advanced web apps, such as improvements to Bubblewrap and drivers that support WebUSB
  • Demo apps and tutorials showing unique use cases for advanced web apps.

Having clarified this, Chrome is keen to point out that anyone can access its fund, provided they have un account Open Collective. Optionally, developers can apply with a proprietary project, or suggest a project that deserves support. In the latter case, however, it will be important to ensure that the owners of the App “are willing to accept the changes to the code for which you are seeking funding, as a prerequisite for approving the support”. If interested, therefore, we suggest that you draw up a short document describing your project. And try your luck. The Advaced Web Apps Fund will reward you, we are sure.

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