Cinderella: the princess returns in a horror version

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After multiple retellings, Cinderella will once again return to the cinema, as we have never seen before: a horror film about her arrives

We have to say it: we are in the golden years of live action and reboots. Peter Pan (here the review), the Mermaideven the untouchable character of Harry Potter will be revived to make a TV series with brand new actors. The public, now aware of the “fashion” that is taking hold, accepts the announcements of the transpositions or reinterpretations of this or that other famous film, well aware that no film can truly be said to be safe. However, there is a great classic that seems to have no rivals in terms of reinterpretations: Cinderella. The princess, so loved by young and old, has been proposed and re-proposed on the screen in all ways, except one, for now. Which is why the iconic character is making a comeback again, this time in horror version.

Cinderella: the princess returns in a horror version

A new look | Cinderella: the princess returns in a horror version

Before Cinderella, another character, so loved by children, had been stripped of the guise of an innocent and sweet protagonist, in favor of a whole new connotation. We are talking about the tender little bear Winnie the Pooh, who in the director’s version of the film Rhys Frake-Waterfieldentitled Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, it showed itself in a totally opposite way to what we were used to. The same will happen for the defenseless princess Cinderella, symbol par excellence of Disney. To take care of the project, which will be called Cinderella’s Cursewill be Louisa WarrenOf ChampDog Films.

The director has not yet revealed any precise details, neither on the plot nor on the characters. From the little information in our possession, however, we can deduce that Cinderella will be the fulcrum of evil. In fact, Warren stated that “audiences will witness an incredibly unique twist on the Cinderella we all love and know. There will be some truly horrific deaths at his hand“. Can we perhaps expect a reversed Cinderella, where she will, for the first time, keep her stepmother and stepsisters in check? We’ll find out the October 23, 2023, when the film will probably hit theaters. Cinderella will not be the only Disney character to be rewritten in a horror style, for some time there has also been talk of a reinterpretation of this type also for Peter Pan, Bambii Teletubbies not Tartarughe Ninja. We of everything we will be ready for all this!

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