Cisco away from Russia and Belarus

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Cisco will officially close its activities in Russia and Belarus, as a response to Putin’s government invasion of Ukraine. In fact, the company suspended its operations in the area for the first time in March 2022, condemning the “unjustified war” and violence against civilians. But now Cisco has decided to finalize its position, and thus has started its withdrawal project from the two countries.

Russia: Cisco confirms its withdrawal from the territory

“Since our announcement on March 3, we have continued to closely monitor the war in Ukraine,” reads the official Cisco blog. “We have now made the decision to initiate an orderly liquidation of our activities in Russia and Belarus”. And then again: “We are committed to ensuring that affected employees in Russia and Belarus are treated with respect and have our support during this transition. Cisco continues to strive to use all its resources to help our employees, institutions and the Ukrainian people, as well as our customers and partners in this difficult time ”.

“We will communicate directly with customers, partners and suppliers to resolve our financial matters, including reimbursement of prepaid services and software agreements, to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations.” In short, Cisco’s decision in Russia appears to be definitive. The company will suspend its services. Like what happened with Windows 10 and 11, now impossible to download in Russia.

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