Clearpay celebrates one year in Italy and confirms interest in BNPL

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Clearpay is a leading company in the payments sector Buy Now Pay Later and is known outside Europe as Afterpay. In Italy, Clearpay celebrates its first year of business. For the occasion, the company has chosen to launch its own official app and to communicate the results of a survey which highlights how the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) system is synonymous with freedom and convenience. Here are the details:

Clearpay celebrates its first year in Italy

According to the results of the survey conducted by Clearpay in Italy, the BNPL system is considered as a comfortable and flexible tool, guaranteeing consumers greater possibilities and freedom. About 45% of the sample made an online purchase of clothing (45.5%), paper books (39.6%), drugs (38.1%) and cosmetics (32.3%).

The price is considered as a significant variable for almost 7 out of 10 Italians BNPLaccording to Clearpay survey data in Italy, it is little known in our country. It should be noted, in fact, that 62.3% of the interviewees declared that they did not know the service while only 7% used it. THE56.1% of those unfamiliar with BNPL say they are interested in the service and its potential.

Furthermore, users who have used the service have a positive idea of ​​the BNPL. According to the point of view of these users, the positive idea derives from comfort (52.5%), flexibility (46.6%), freedom (39.6%), possibility (37%) and careful financial management (9 , 5%).

The company comment

Federica Ronchi, Clearpay Country Manager Italy, declares: “One year after our arrival in Italy, Clearpay has grown in the market despite the fact that the Buy Now Pay Later service is still not very widespread, as shown by the data of our survey. However, there is a strong growing interest – especially on the part of the younger generations – towards more flexible payment methods, which do not involve additional costs and which make purchases more sustainable and simple ”

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