Coca-Cola investigates the hacker attack immediately

Coca-Cola indaga l'attacco hacker subito thumbnail

Comes the confirmation of the company: Coca Cola suffered a attack hacker and is investigating what happened. According to reports, the attack comes from the ghent Stormouswhich would have breached the company’s servers and stolen 161 GB in data. However, Coca-Cola only confirmed the attack, not the data theft.

Coca-Cola investigates the hacker attack it suffered

The first sign of the blow immediately comes from the canal Telegram of the Stormous Ransomwarewho communicated that he had stolen 161GB of data from the giant of American drinks. The hackers also put a price on the stolen data: 1,65 Bitcoin. Which correspond to about 37 thousand eurosalthough the hackers converted the value to $ 64,000, much more.

Among the reported files there are compressed documents, text file of the directors, password, accounyou information about payments.

Although Stormous claims to be a ransomware group, it appears that the sale of data was the first tactic they adopted, without trying to pay a ransom from Coca-Cola. THEThe group had previously communicated that they are of Russian origin and that they intend to attack those who attack their own nation (such as Anonymous). However, they specified to not wanting to attack Ukraine directly in any way.

The group would have asked on Telegram who to attack with a poll to their ‘fans’. Coca-Cola swept the poll with the 72%while companies like Mattel and Danaher haven’t even hit 10%.

In the past, the group had announced that they had stolen 200GB of data from the Epic Store, but there was no confirmation of the legitimacy of the attack.

Coca-Cola has not confirmed the data theft but he announced that he had suffered the attack and that he was in contact with the police to find the culprits.

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