CoD Warzone: Season 4 Schedules Revealed!

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The official release times for season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone have been reported by Activision, and much more. Below we see all the information about it together

Activision has reported numerous details on what will be the next season dedicated to his flagship title, Call of Duty Warzone. Along with a large number of new content that will be present we also have the schedules of release Warzone season 4, new maps and new unlockable operators. The title of the next season of Activision’s game will be Mercenaries of Fortuneand for Vanguard players it will be available sooner than Warzone players.

Warzone season 4 schedules

Warzone season 4 release times have been revealed by Activision, which will be slightly different for Vanguard players. The latter will get their hands on the new season already from 18:00 today 21 Junewhile Warzone users will have to wait 18:00 tomorrow Wednesday 22 June. Below we can see a tweet of the software house Raven Software, where it indicates the calendar with the events of the fourth season.

As indicated in the new Warzone season, we will be able to hunt down our opponents in the new map call Fortune’s Keep or dive into the new one battle royale Resurgence, along with the introduction of some existing map updates or the addition of additional modes or accessories and equipment such as new armored SUVs or EMP grenades. They will also be available three other operators : Carver Butcher, Callum Hendry and Ikenna Olowe, to be unlocked through their bundles throughout the season. Are you excited about this announcement? Would you have wanted more or are you satisfied with the upcoming season of CoD Warzone? Let us know below in the comments!

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