Code 8 Part II: the teaser for the sequel to the film with the Amell cousins

Netflix dropped some big bombs at the Geeked Event, the teaser for Code 8 Part II, the sequel to the film starring Stephen and Robbie Amell, is now online

The first Code 8 film was particularly appreciated, so much so that Netflix decided to produce the sequel. The teaser for Code 8 Part II shows us Stephen Amell with his cousin Robbie in spectacular action scenes full of powers. This is the first original Canadian film made and released on the platform. What we see in the sequences showcase new characters with new powers, as well as the return of the protagonist Connor (Robbie Amell) who he will have to go into business with again Garrett (Stephen Amell).

The Code 8 Part II teaser teases the return of Connor and Garrett

We find the director of the sequel Jeff Chanwho also holds the role of screenwriter together with the collaboration of Chris Parehelped by Sherren Lee in Lesse La Vercombe. In the cast we find again Stephen Amell who, after the end of the Arrowverse, continues his acting career together with his cousin Robbie Amell, both protagonists of the film. The plot of the film revolves around a teenage girl enraged by the death of her brother at the hands of police officers. After seeing the attempt to cover up the incident, the young woman finds herself in danger and the former criminal will help her Connor aided by his ex-partner Garrett. Together, the three will face a much loved and protected sergeant that he will use all the weapons he has at his disposal to avoid being indicted.

The world of sci-fi is inhabited by special people born with powers representing 4% of the population. These are very feared by common people and for this reason they live in conditions of severe poverty e racism, which is why to survive they decide to commit crimes to earn a living. The film will arrive in 2024 and of the old cast we only find the faces of Stephen and Robbie Amell, while the other characters are completely new. We liked the first film quite a bit, which is why there is curiosity to find out what will happen in the sequel. Continue to follow us on so you don’t miss anything else from the world of cinema and TV series.

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