Donnie Darko returns to cinemas in a restored version!

The mysterious and enigmatic film that launched the career of a young Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the cinema 20 years after its arrival in Italy. Now you can see Donnie Darko at the cinema in a restored version and in the Director's Cut!

Many years have passed since that mysterious and enigmatic film arrived in our theaters which still has a lasting impact today inexplicable ending, open to many interpretations. This film launched the career of American director Richard Kelly and featured a very young protagonist Jake Gyllenhaal, which has come a long way since then, up to the most recent Road House, Amazon's remake. They passed precisely twenty years since we saw this film at the cinema, a film that is still shrouded in mystery today. After so many years, the Donnie Darko film returns to Italian cinema on the following days: 3, 4 e June 5th. This is an unmissable opportunity both for those who have already seen and loved the original film and for those who have never had the opportunity to see it. You can catch it at the cinema in format restored in 4K. Here's the trailer!

Donnie Darko and the End of the World at the cinema

The film is about a high school student named Donnie Darko, who suffers from schizophrenia. One day, running away from home, he meets a strange figure. This figure is humanoid, dressed as a creepy rabbitwho reveals to him that the end of the world will arrive exactly in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. In the cast we find precisely Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Mary McDonnell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze e Noah Wyle.

Even today there are many discussions, debates and theories about the meaning of the film, what really happens throughout the story and what is true and what is false. Everything revolves around this strange, enigmatic and disturbing figure of rabbitan animal that symbolizes here the death. There have been rumors of a for some time possible sequel, with Jake Gyllenhaal, completely detaching itself from the 2009 sequel from which the director dissociated himself. The restoration of the film was previewed at the Naples Comicon.

What do you think? Have you already seen it? If so, will you go and see it again? Or will it be your first time? Tell us below in the comments and continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com for other news from the world of cinema and much more!

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